The Final Mr. Eha's Place Jackpot Prize Has Been Claimed!

Too bad you didn't win, but had you won today, you would have received this splendid prize...

Yes! Your Very Own Fabulous New Life on Mars!

The winner of this final Mr. Eha's Place jackpot has been invited to join Mrs. U., Axon Spardoze, and me as we survive the imminent arrival of the Martian expeditionary force and the subsequent extinction of the rest of the wretched human species. The winner will travel to Centerboro at our expense and from there be whisked away on our old friend Two-Click's saucer to a Fabulous New Life on Mars.

Previous Terrific Jackpot Prizes That You Probably Didn't Win Either

Marx Farm set

Gort and Klaatu

Santa Conquers the Martians

Sim Farm

Mint Marx Farm Set Gort and Klaatu Nearly mint VHS Sim City's country cousin

Livestock truck

Martian pencils

Spiffy piggy bank

Toy farm implements

Nifty livestock truck Box of Mars pencils Spiffy piggy bank Toy farm implements

Joseph Stalin mask

Jesus Saves neon sign

Hallowe'en Pumpkin

Post Cereal circus premium

Josef Stalin Hallowe'en Mask "Jesus Saves" neon sign from Centerboro Cool papier-mâché
Hallowe'en pumpkin
Post Cereal Mail-away
circus premium

Mutant Nabisco cracker

Capt. Video board game

Martian Money

J.C. Higgins baseball glove

A mutant Nabisco cracker
(on left)
Complete Capt. Video
board game
"Martian Money"
Illinois Lottery Ticket
keepsake collectible
J.C. Higgins glove used in the Tushville vs. Mars game

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