Guaranteed to keep your drive clear of Martian viruses!
Congratulations on choosing to download

Mr. Eha's Completely Free
Interplanetary Hard Drive Cleaner™

(Version 4.2783)

This powerful self-extracting, self-installing program is already sanitizing your hard drive by destroying all known Martian viruses. When you leave this page, it will uninstall itself, leaving your drive free of Martian intrusions of all sorts. And since EHA Industries is committed to guarding your privacy, you can rest easy! Absolutely no adware, spyware, malware, or scumware was planted on your machine when you downloaded this marvelous program!
Do Not Be Concerned if you see little gnats circling your cursor. They are mere manifestations of the last gasps of a puny Martian virus program subroutine vainly attempting to counteract the miracle-working power of the Drive Cleaner. They will vanish the instant you leave this page.
If you wish to rid your drive of noxious Martian viruses again at a later time, simply download again from the "Table of Contents."

Conditionally guaranteed!

.Service is our first thought!

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