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Number 13


Tushville High School Another view of the old Tushville High School. I believe its shape is called a parallelepiped. Many of the alumnae of this parallelepiped became highly successful and useful citizens--that is until it, like so many other American <ahem> "educational systems" became mere test preparation centers dedicated to favorable "school report cards" in the local press. What a sorry state schooling is in nowadays, isn't it? I hear tell that they're actually teaching kindergartners how to "read"--such an obvious first step to rushing them right into becoming brainless test-takers (and little more). They can't even make change at the local doughnut shop, for Pete's sake! I am glad I will be gone by the time the next brood of even more gormless dolts hatches and takes up the reins of power. I only hope that I will not fall into their hands in a nursing home.
Oteseraga County pennant Isn't this a splendid old pennant--even with the slight mouse damage? Of course, Oteseraga County is partly in the Adirondack Mountains, hence the pine cones and deer theme. I am thinking of putting this item up for sale at my next Internet Yard Sale (Spring 2001), unless you'd like right now to tender a reasonable offer which I might not be able to refuse! In either case, it's first come, first served as usual.
The Hallowe'en 2000 Jack-o'-Lantern Yes, here he is--the jack-o'-lantern for Hallowe'en 2000 ensconced in the good old silver maple. I believe this to have been my most inspired pumpkin creation yet, although my neighbor across the street did not agree. She made a great big deal about her little children's being able to see it from their bedroom window and their being too frightened to sleep. "Tsk! Tsk!" I replied. "Why not just draw the shades?" But she claimed the little tikes could not resist peeking. Now I think of this as a compliment of sorts, but to mollify the old cow, I agreed to carve a less scary face next year. At least that's what I told her. This year, however, he stayed put until Hallowe'en was over and it was time for him to join his predecessors in the compost heap! 
Older view of downtown Centerboro A nice older view of downtown Centerboro when the trolley still used to run. You'd get this view when you entered town from the west along old State Road 365 which became Main Street within the town limits. Just a little further west (and not visible in this photograph), the Centerboro Road cut through 365 in a north-south direction. If you wanted to get to S. Pharisee (or the Bean farm), you'd head north and then northwest along the Centerboro Road. If you wanted to get to Tushville, you'd head south. You no doubt recognize the Centerboro Hotel from other pictures of Centerboro I've already published. I have wondered now and then if the visions of Centerboro the Freddyites have conjured up from having read the series correspond to any degree to the real Centerboro.
Downtown Centerboro about 1930 Another postcard view of Centerboro from around 1930 or so, I'd guess, which shows the trolley tracks a bit better. It was great fun to catch a ride on the back of the trolley, until one of the Albacore children took a tumble and was run over by a delivery van. Although not a fatality, the accident--despite its involving one of those Albacores--aroused enough consternation in the Sheriff's office that anyone caught hitching a lift was likely to get a knock on the noggin from one of the officers. It was not a gentle knock, as several of us could testify. (For more on the Albacores, you'll have to read "The Sean McMurty Incident" in Tales Out of School.)
A painting of the Martian's flying saucer Here is Gladys Pippin's rendition of Centerboro residents visiting the Martians' flying saucer in Sibney Memorial Park. This is not exactly what the flying saucer looked like--it actually did have a kind of conning tower as depicted by Mr. Wiese in the two Martian novels--but the scale is about right as is the color scheme, and I suppose we must forgive our artists the slight liberties they may now and then take with reality. As you can see, many residents of Centerboro were aware of the existence of the Martians and their saucer, yet the general amnesia about the Martian visitation that followed their departure left (for some inexplicable reason) only a few of us with intact memories. Most of the others have chosen to keep their mouths shut about the Martians and their affairs, but I, for reasons unknown to me, have been the only one to persist in the pursuit of The Truth™!

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