Spring 2000 Internet Yard Sale
The Best Yet!

Once again, all items have carefully selected and reasonably priced for readers of Mr. Eha's Place.

Reminder: No personal checks will be accepted in payment. Send cash or postal money orders only. And be sure you really want the item(s), because there are Absolutely NO REFUNDS and NO RETURNS!

NOTE: Items listed here that do not sell by June 1, 2000, will wind up at my annual Huge Spring Yard Sale

Saturday, June 3, 2000
45 Clinton Street
Centerboro, New York

No Early Birds!!!


Wow! Fabulous PEZ ray gun

This fabulous and rare item is a PEZ dispenser made in Austria in the 1950s. Its spiffy red and white hard plastic frame is enhanced with rockets and space scenes. I regret to say that the clip you'd load with PEZ and insert into the handle is missing, but the rest of the dispenser is free of defects like cracks and hairline fractures. This is one item Herb Garble did not get as a result of my will's being executed a bit early as I had stashed this beauty in my attic. I am letting it go because I am no longer interested in collecting PEZ pieces, so my present PEZ apathy is your opportunity to snap up a piece of the PEZ past for a piddling


Really! Only Two Dollars!Sorry--no DJ! Here is the autographed Freddy the Pilot in nearly mint condition (but lacking a dust jacket) that I mentioned in FAQ #25. N. B. There will be no certificate of authenticity issued with this item, so the lucky purchaser is taking a small risk. But how can you possibly go completely wrong for a mere


Wowee! An old Hi-Flier kite What a splendid example of good clean fun from the good old days! This kite was made more than half a century ago in Decatur, Illinois. It is constructed of sturdy kite-worthy paper and has been used only once. It's not doing me any good hanging in my attic, so I'd be willing to let you give it a spin the next time they tell you to "go fly a kite!" (You must supply your own kite string.) Hurry! It will sell quickly for a measly


Mars Signal Light Co. siren
A closeup of the siren

Ready for a Martian invasion? Not without a good, loud siren, you aren't! Here is my U.S. Army Siren made by the Mars Signal Light Co. of Naples, FL. The electric motor that runs it is in fine working order, but the whole unit could use a fresh paint job. This unit used to be bolted to my front porch, and its sound carried to all the neighborhoods in Centerboro and most of the surrounding farms. Although there were some complaints about my periodic emergency tests, I'm sure the people of Centerboro would certainly have appreciated an early warning in the event of a Martian invasion. I no longer need this model since I am using one of the EHA Industries large roof-mounted 130 dB compressed air units now, so it's all yours for an inconsequential


Sea Monkey pins

Sea Monkey magnet

I still miss my little Sea Monkeys. I should never have entrusted them to the imbeciles (!) in the C.H.S. Science Department who neglected to feed them adequately, resulting in the colony's extinction. In any case, I have no further use for these two colorful pins and the rather droll refrigerator magnet. (The red pin is a real conversation starter, believe me!) Surely someday they will be highly collectible items, so today's price will seem a veritable bargain!

$189.99 for the lot!

Frankenstein poster This is the very poster which created such a stir among the boys of Centerboro in 1931. It hung in the Main Street showcase of Mr. Muszkiski's theater. After Frankenstein had come and gone, leaving us boys quaking in its wake, I got it from Mr. Gatz before he threw it in the trash. I have posted a quick-loading black and white image here, but it is in actuality a beautiful color poster, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed! Now a poster exactly like this one sold at an auction for over $100,000! However, because this one has a couple of barely noticeable creases in it, it's yours for an incredible

Special reduced price: $89,000

A great display item! Instead of using my Telepathy Skullcaps (Item #1 in the EHA Industries Special Sales Catalog) to eavesdrop on Martian emanations and transmissions, a faithful reader suggested an alternate method employing a diving helmet attached by speaker wire or coaxial cable to a large antenna. Since the skullcaps have been sold out for some time now, I offer you a genuine diving helmet so that you might experiment with this approach. I must admit that I had no success, but that does not mean you won't! Perhaps my antenna simply wasn't big enough. Hey, even if you can't contact the Martians, you'll have a dandy planter or Hallowe'en costume! This difficult-to-find item is offered at just


An American Beauty Wow! This remarkable item is a Jayne Mansfield hot water bottle! Because of the limited attention span of the typical human being whose brain has been scrambled and cognitive processes fragmented by the commercial media, I have reduced the image to black and white for speedy loading. The item's colors are still absolutely vibrant, and I have the original box, which, of course, is included in my asking price. Jayne Mansfield was a shrewd, intelligent actress who saw an opportunity to capitalize on Marilyn Monroe's blonde success in Hollywood. Of the two, I would have much preferred Miss Mansfield as a dinner guest as she had a high IQ and could play the violin well enough to perform competently on the old Ed Sullivan show. I received this hot water bottle years ago as a gag gift from some of "the guys" in the Centerboro Chamber of Commerce who knew of my admiration for Miss Mansfield. It has never left its box and is, therefore, a genuine mint item as well as a fabulous deal at


Coconut art (?) Here you have an extra-fine specimen of the "coconut art"category of items discarded immediately by bewildered tourists upon returning from holiday cruises. I found this one at a Salvation Army store in Syracuse while looking for a handlebar bell for my bicycle. This jolly pirate could easily serve as a pen and pencil holder in your little office cubicle or as a repository for loose change. I noticed that my African violets wilted in its presence and found it to be ever-so-slightly radioactive. However it does not glow harshly in the dark, and since I have suffered no lasting ill effects from occasionally handling this object, neither should you if you exercise a modicum of caution. If, for example, you place it on your nightstand, wearing a lead dental apron and a lead foil lined diving helmet to bed might be in order. Its kitschy appeal far outweighs its danger, in my opinion, and  I feel confident that this useful and decorative piece will move fast at a trifling


Boomschmidt poster Many of you have been asking me for Boomschmidt circus items, and I have so far steadfastly refused to put any up for sale. Well, here is an item that I can part with. This poster suffered some water damage in my attic, and the colors are somewhat more muted than they used to be. On the other hand, it has not been folded, and it does correspond to an event Walter Brooks depicts in the Freddy series--the Roman chariot race in Freddy the Pilot. The serious Freddy collector, therefore, should jump at this chance to "pony up"


Back to the good old days! Let's make it a baker's dozen! I think this would be a splendid pin to wear during all the drivel and double-talk of the next Presidential election--or any election, for that matter. Let "them" know that you prefer the 1950s when Ike and Mamie resided on Pennsylvania Avenue and America was a country worth living in! Somehow this pin seems to say it all! How about


Out of Print!

Very Scarce!

Why not make it a baker's dozen plus one? I have a copy to spare, so here is the nearly-impossible-to-obtain Mostly Water by Axon Spardoze, who is pictured on the front cover. Its arcane contents are not for the dimwitted or philosophically timid, and several readings of its 783 pages of nonlinear speculative mayhem are required to extract any sense whatsoever from it. However, if you are planning to be bedridden for a couple of months or have given up trying to write your own Great American Novel, you can wile away some of the precious remaining days of your life ruminating about the propositions and paradoxes of this magnum opus (which has been signed by the author) for


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