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Number 12


Yes, it's another item from the Jason Brewer collection--a nice postcard from the old Lakeside Hotel on Oteseraga Lake, the place I'm supposed to have haunted, for Pete's sake, in order to drive away all the visitors and hired help so that I could acquire the property for a pittance. What preposterous balderdash!

Third in the Mushroom Planet Series

Fourth in the Series

The Fifth and Last of the Series

These are the third, fourth, and fifth (and final) titles in the most excellent Mushroom Planet series. The little green fellow floating down from the space ship is Ta, the king of the Basidiumite spore people who are not of this Earth. Mr. Bass is also a spore person, although a native of Earth. Although the science isn't always rigorously correct in the series and the main female character is quite the 1950-ish domestic drudge, the books are delightful adventures that may even evoke some intelligent musings and speculations from young readers (at least those who have not already been turned into complete dolts by the public schools, the popular media, and the "entertainment" industry.) This capacity to engage the young intellect and imagination distinguishes this series--for the most part, though not entirely--from the Freddy books and almost all so-called children's "literature" being cranked out nowadays.
Chloe's Squeak Toy This is Chloe's favorite squeak toy. I believe he may have been a character called "Froggy the Gremlin" on some early television  show or other, and I found him at a garage sale for a quarter. He's not in quite so good shape anymore, because Chloe has given him a real working over. By the way, this damnable amphibian wound up costing me quite a bit more than two bits in the end. Chloe got the little squeaker part lodged in her throat, resulting in a very anxious and expensive trip to the veterinarian. I do not recommend squeak toys which employ tiny metal squeakers!
The Big Game! Mars vs. Tushville This is possibly the sole surviving score card from the only interplanetary ballgame ever played in the solar system. Let's see, that would have been on Saturday, May 28, 1955, as I recollect. I am somewhat surprised that the government overlooked this item when it ransacked my house and took nearly all my photographs of the Martians and their saucer. Actually, I ran across it myself only because I was clearing bats out of my attic rafters the other day and started rummaging around a bit when I was done with the bats. I publish this important piece of evidence here in the probably vain hope of calling attention once again to The Truth™ about the Martian presence on Earth which continues to persist in less obvious manifestations to the present day. I have no doubt that this evidence will be first ridiculed and then ignored, but when the Martians decide to rid their rafters of the human species, don't say I didn't give the Earth ample warning! You will not be "safe at home."


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