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Number 10


The Old Town Hall in the 1940s This is a postcard of the old Centerboro Town Hall. You don't read much about it in the Freddy series, but before it was the Town Hall, it had been occupied by the Camphors until they built their new estate on the lake, seen just below.
Camphor estate on Oteseraga Lake This is a photo of the Camphor estate on Oteseraga Lake. If you stepped out on the portico you had a splendid view of the lake. I use the past tense because the present owners of this property, some young parvenus from New York City who spend their summers here, had the portico torn down and then added on a personal fitness center where it stood.
Where on earth is this from?

Mystery Illustration

Yes, it is exactly what it appears to be! Does that stout, oversized piggy look at all familiar to you, hmmmm? Who could those two little rustic scamps be? And what about that young bull straining to hold the porker up? Is the pastoral setting reminiscent, say, of a certain pasture on a certain farm? Could this illustration be from an obscure Freddy edition or printing that Freddyite scholars and researchers have not yet stumbled across in their quest for the meaning of life and the Freddyverse? Or could this be an illustration that never made it into the published series, an illustration that may have recently been discovered, say, in a box saved many years ago from a celebrated Centerboro fire? Perhaps it was intended to appear in one of the many unpublished Freddy manuscripts that I have in my possession. What do you think? I wonder if there are any more where this one came from? 

The 2nd Flying Saucer Project Prototype This is a sketch by Gladys Pippin for the prospectus for the second flying saucer project prototype vehicle. As I have mentioned before, I  had some capital to invest after selling off the Bean property after the fire, so I became a silent partner in the second attempt by a secret consortium to duplicate the flying saucer the Martians tooled around in during their visit to Centerboro. I was invited to invest, of course, because of my firsthand knowledge of details of the Martians' saucer. Too bad the project folded and I lost my entire investment!
Centerboro Free Library
Another view of the library
Here are two more views of a Centerboro landmark, the public library. The library still has a complete (though somewhat tattered) reading set of the Freddy books on the shelves there; however, in a locked cabinet in the upper turret room they have an entire set of first editions, all signed by Mr. Brooks and Mr. Wiese and in pristine condition. Would you not like to see these books for yourself? You can, you know. All you have to do is call ahead and say you want to look at the Brooks Collection for research purposes, and you may. Of course you'll have to wear the white cotton gloves they make you put on to handle the books, and they will keep a discreet eye on you. I'll tell you what. If you're ever going to be passing through Centerboro, let me know, and I'll arrange it all for you for a very small fee.
The Hideous Centerboro Mall Here is a photo of the hideous "Oteseraga Country Mall" that squats in the heart of present-day Centerboro. Over the past two or three years many of you have asked to see why I make such a fuss about it and why I call the Centerboro Urban Renewal Agency "a horde of imbecilic vulgarians." Well, here's why. Can you believe that this abomination was considered a progressive and attractive replacement for the charming buildings of old Main Street!?
Centerboro's Main Street Looking East A view of long-ago Centerboro's old Main Street, looking east. The buildings along the left of the scene were replaced by the mall, and the buildings on the right were torn down for the most part, too, and ugly little shops erected in their place. The Centerboro Hotel (when run by Ollie Groper) dominates the right foreground.
Merry Christmas! My Christmas card for 1999...a slight alteration of the Wiese illustration of the "Martians" dressed in what looks like weird little Santa outfits. Like it? Download a copy for yourself...it's free!


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