Martian Handwriting Samples

I personally obtained these (and many more) handwriting samples in 1955 from a number of different Martians when I began to compile an essential phrasebook to help me "verbally" communicate with them. Here are samples from four Martians along with their literal and ordinary English translations. It is a coincidence, I suppose, that the Martian script is read from left to right, just like ours. Or was our way of writing influenced by ancient Martian visitations? I simply don't know, never having discussed this matter with them--at least as far as I can remember. The literal translations do, however, suggest (unsurprisingly) a rather alien way of conceptualizing.

About to molt!
(Not) [(other self) (photoreceptors: active mode)] (self-hard) (crack-split) (self-soft)

"Pardon me, but I am about to molt."
Got peanuts??
(Yes/No) [(Earth herb good-tongue) (grasp) (other self)]

"Say, got any peanuts on you?"
Go for ride?
(Yes/No) [(many selves) (through continuum) (tunnel) <agent: warp machine>]

"Want to go for a saucer ride with us?"
Pleased to meet'cha!
(Not) [(this self) (eat-assimilate) (other self <inedible>)]

"I am pleased to meet you."


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