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Another Main Street View
Another postcard view of what used to be the charming Main Street of Centerboro--the way it used to be before the tornado of Urban Renewal swept most of it away in the late '60s and early '70s of the last century. Note the absence of strip mall or mall-under-a-roof characteristics. One would park one's auto on Main or down one of the side streets and then enjoy a nice perambulation while window-shopping, chatting with townspeople, browsing the aisles in the Busy Bee and other stores, maybe even having a soda or a lunch or dinner--everything you needed or wanted was right there on Main Street! It was particularly pleasurable to stroll Main during the Christmas season...
The Orphanage in Dutch Flats
The orphanage in Dutch Flats where Byram once lived. This photo comes from a Bean family album.
Centerboro Hotel Dining Room Here you see the posh main dining room at the Centerboro Hotel. It was always a special treat to dine here...at least until the hepatitis outbreak soured most patrons on the idea. Besides the cosmopolitan fare to be had here, I liked the peace the waiters left you in as you savored your meal. No one was ever enjoined to "Enjoy!" and no one kept coming around to disturb a dinner conversation with stupid questions such as "How are we all doing here?" To such inanities today, I reply, "Is that an order?" and "Okey-dokey! Now go away!" respectively. Perhaps I might be perceived as somewhat rude, but then I dislike the pestiferous and uninvited familiarity to which I am subjected in public places by complete strangers.
Mannequin head that looks like HarrietDifferent view of headAnother view of head Several of you have exhibited an inexplicably intense curiosity about the appearance of my ex-wife Harriet. Well, I threw out all the photographs I had of her long ago, but I did save this remarkable item which I use in my Hallowe'en displays when a witch is called for. Now those of you who have seen House of Wax--don't be alarmed! This is only a mannequin head which Harriet used in her hat shop to display some of her creations. What makes it remarkable is that it is a dead ringer for Harriet--at least the way she looked about fifty or so years ago.
Happy birthday to me... I received this unsolicited birthday present from a reader in 1999, and I worked hard at understanding the motive behind it for about a week before throwing it out with the rubbish. I think I was correct in viewing it as a derogatory comment about my capabilities on the accordion. For your information, I am highly regarded in these parts for both my technical proficiency and my artistry. Should you wish to hear for yourself, I make the occasional summer evening appearance in Sibney Memorial Park, and once in a while I perform at special events in the main concourse of the hideous Oteseraga County Mall. If you live within, say, fifty miles of Centerboro and are interested in engaging my talents for a private party, contact me via e-mail and we'll see what arrangements can be made.


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