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Number 8


The Centerboro Hotel
Another one of the incredibly hard-to-find and highly collectible "Scenic Oteseraga County" postcards, series #1, this is a nice rendition of the old Centerboro Hotel. I'm not sure of the date of this view, but it was a bit before Ollie Groper's time. Of course, this was one of the downtown buildings which was razed during Centerboro's "urban renewal" cacoethes.
The "angry bees" playground
Not just any playground, this is where Petey and I stupidly left the canning jar of angry bees for the equally stupid Joey Doberman to open. The story is told elsewhere. This photo was taken some time after the "bees in a jar" incident.
Humphrey's monument
This is Humphrey Underdunk's monument in Elmwood Cemetery. Humphrey was not very involved in Centerboro doings. He was much too busy taking the train to New York City where he made a great deal of money as a partner of the law firm Pilchard, Whatley, Bachet, and Underdunk. When he died, Mrs. U. felt that a man of such stature should have a fitting monument, so this is it, and now Humphrey in death towers over the rest of Centerboro much as he did in life--at least in terms of ostentatious display. Personally, I think it's quite "over the top," and I doubt that any of his neighbors are terribly impressed. Naturally, the monument has become a magnet for vandals, and one of the annual stunts of the senior class of C.H.S. is to scale the thing, pull a floral print dress over the great man, and stick a salami in the crook of his arm. The significance of the particulars is beyond me.
Oteseraga Custodial Asylum
This is an old photo of the Oteseraga County Custodial Asylum where Benjamin Bean would take a "vacation" now and then--usually voluntarily, but sometimes under doctor's orders. A couple of months wrapped in wet sheets in this facility, and Benjamin would bounce right back energized, clear-eyed, and ready to resume his "career" in the hayloft. The facility is no longer in operation.
The incomparable Dixon's Diner
The incomparable Dixon's Diner. What a sad, sad day for Centerboro when Dixon decided to hang up his apron and retire! For the gourmands, there was the Centerboro Hotel dining room, but for the honest "workin' man," Dixon's served it up in great quantities and at reasonable prices! And all that business about horse meat--complete and utter nonsense!

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