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Number 7


From the Coubos Farm
This is exactly what it appears to be--a milk bottle cap from a Coubos Dairy Farm bottle. I found it just the other day when cleaning out some drawers in my toolshed. (Some of you younger readers will not have a clue as to what a milk bottle cap is.) As I have mentioned before, Coubos Dairy was Frieda Coubos's farm where Millie, Matilda, and Mavis went to live after their father Percy abandoned them and their mother suffered a nervous breakdown. I guess you could consider this bottle cap an interesting artifact of the "good old days" in and around Centerboro.
Centerboro Farmers' Drum Corps
Speaking of the good old days, some of the Centerboro area farmers banded together to form a little "musical" parade unit called the "Threshers." The city officials let them lead the Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades, and they played at firemen's carnivals, too. You will recognize all of the names from the Freddy  books. Left to right we have the farmers Macy, Coombs, Hall, Bodgett, Lenihan, Smith, and "Young" Cassoway. Missing from the picture is Mr. Winterbottom who played the cymbals. They are in parade dress, by the way, except for Mr. Bodgett. Zenas Witherspoon, who said he didn't have time for such foolishness, was a non-Thresher.
Operational Martian Ray Gun
This is a photograph of a completely operational Martian ray gun--one which they carelessly left behind and which I had in my possession until the robbery at my house in 1955. I believe this weapon is now in the hands of some covert government agency. I know it was operational because I used it to...well, never mind about that.
Mr. Boom and Rose
Now here's something that would appeal to any of you FOFers and other abject addicts of the Freddy series. While cleaning out the toolshed, I also found this old poster from Boomschmidt's Circus showing a slim version of Orestes and a daring Mademoiselle Rose. They'd paste these things all over the countryside, and I imagine many of them still could be found at the Tushville Flea Market for about a dollar apiece, so I guess there's no point in including this item in next spring's Internet Yard Sale, is there.

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