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An old picture of old Main Street, Centerboro. It's a little difficult to date this scene exactly, but the variety of modes of transportation puts it way back in the early part of the last century. There are many more pictures of Centerboro scattered throughout my site--so if you're interested in seeing the good old "glory" days of my hometown, you'll have to browse around.
Centerboro F.D. Drum and Bugle Corps
Here's the Centerboro Fire Department Drum and Bugle Corps in the Early 1920s. I include this photo because my father played snare drum in this splendid group. He stands immediately to the left of the Drum Major.
Original Centerboro Jail
This is the original Centerboro jail on Main Street, torn down and replaced by an architectural nightmare which resembled a gothic outhouse, which was in turn razed and replaced with a modern facility with chain link fences and razor wire about thirty-five years ago. This was not the facility celebrated in the Freddy series by Mr. Brooks, nor is it the clink I spent a little time in many years ago.
Centerboro High School
Here's the old Centerboro High School, also torn down. They should put a chain link fence and razor wire around its replacement, too, considering the asocial tendencies of its "inmates." This picture is one of many postcards I have from Jason Brewer's immense collection, and you'll see many more in the Picture Pages.
Wood ThrushWood Thrush Here we have two images of a Wood Thrush, mentioned in the Freddy books. It is quite common in the Big Woods and has perhaps the loveliest song of any of the birds around here. Here's what Henry David Thoreau said about it: "The thrush alone declares the immortal wealth and vigor that is in the forest. Here is a bird in whose strain the story is told.... Whenever a man hears it he is young, and Nature is in her spring; whenever he hears it, it is a new world and a free country, and the gates of heaven are not shut against him." I must agree with Mr. Thoreau, having myself been transported to an altered state of consciousness by the thrush's song. Click on the color picture for a too-brief selection of the wood thrush's flute-like song that so often echoes through the cool dimness of the Big Woods in the early morning and at twilight.
An Eastern PhoebeAn Eastern Wood Peewee

Here are two more birds mentioned now and then in the Freddy books. On the left is a Phoebe and on the right is a Peewee...they're very similar. Listen to their songs, too! Just follow this link:

Songs and Calls of Some New York State Birds



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