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This remarkable gizmo relieved my frying-pan-induced whanging headaches quite a bit. Now my medications and an occasional trip to a chiropractor suffice, and I am ready to part with my old friend here. All the components of the Head Traction Set are present, and there is a complete set of instructions. Basically you attach a ring bolt in a door frame and...well, you can read all about it when you buy this item for

$125.00 (SOLD)

The Martians worship this!

When the Martians visited my house for the first time, they took a gander at this bootjack and nearly went crazy. They fell down on all-sixes and touched their feelers to it in agitated reverence. Later I found out from them that it's a dead ringer for the larval stage of their so-called Great Crustaceanoid. This remarkable piece of interplanetary religious art can be had for a paltry

$99.00 (SOLD) 

Bloody Mike liked the red ball!

You guessed it! It is the Centerboro Jail's good old croquet set, the very one you've read about in the Freddy books. It was sold at a municipal auction when the jail was renovated in the early '60s. I, a frequenter of such auctions, picked it up for a song, and you can have it to the tune of

$782.99 (SOLD)

Is it tasteful or hideous?

As you may have guessed, this is a one-of-a-kind creation of my ex-wife Harriet, one of the few things she left behind after she took off with that Pomeroy fellow. Stylish? You be the judge. It reminds me of an armadillo or a barnacle or some weird fungus, but what do I know? Originally it would have sold in Harriet's shop for $29.95, but I have adjusted the price for inflation. So go strut your stuff for

$189.00 (SOLD)

I've all but given up on getting my 1942 Skyway Series Studebaker Commander back. I think Herb has absolutely no intention of returning it, the #@$!@%^! Guess I don't need this item anymore.

$10.00 (SOLD)  

Truly magnificent...

This very print hung in the Beans' parlour for many, many years. I got it at the "fire sale" that followed their tragedy. Luckily it wasn't opposite a south window, so it hasn't faded much at all. The colors are still vibrant, and there is absolutely no smoke damage. Well, maybe there's a very faint odor. Yes, it's Monarch of the Glen in all its glory. This scan does not do this color reproduction justice. It's much better than you see here, and you will not be disappointed should you purchase it, especially at the low price of

$299.00 (SOLD)  

Freddy and the Space Ship Redux

Yes, sir! It's a different edition of Freddy and the Space Ship--not an ex-lib., but who cares? This book is in nearly unread condition--one of the duplicates from my research collection that I've decided to put back into circulation--and I think you'll be pleased at the price. I remain true to my convictions about the maximum monetary value of any used Freddy title, and therefore I've priced it accordingly and most reasonably. It will go fast at...

$1.00 (SOLD)

Mrs. Bean's Hairbrush

This is one of Martha Bean's silver hairbrushes which that odious son of hers pawned to cover his gambling debts. I bought it the same day and always intended to return it to the poor woman, but time just slipped away. Now you can own an authentic piece of Bean family memorabilia for

$179.00 (SOLD)


This is perhaps the last surviving specimen of the infamous Benjamin Bean Increasingly Loud Explosive Alarm Clocks that caused so much trouble around Centerboro. I don't know if this one has been rendered harmless, so let the buyer beware! I would suggest that you do not toggle the "ARMED" setting on just in case it is a fully functional piece. I don't think you should try to open it up, either. You must sign a waiver absolving me of any liability should you purchase this item. Act fast to grab this great novelty and memento of the Bean farm for a paltry

$389.00 (SOLD)

Watch out! Very sharp!

Not a cheap imitation, but the original, high-quality article! Here's a complete set of ten ultra-sharp, serrated tools that no kitchen can be without. I'm selling my own personal set because my eyes and reflexes are not what they used to be, and I cut myself rather badly with the paring knife. It and all the rest have been completely sterilized and are now ready to turn you into a slicing, dicing kitchen wizard for

$5.00 (SOLD)

Allergic reaction warning!

How about this splendid pair of flying saucer earrings that I purchased for Mrs. Underdunk! She had an allergic reaction to the wires, but her misfortune is your good luck. They're available for you (or your sweetheart) for a piddling

$149.00 (SOLD)

Very cool!    Vintage, but also cool!

Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but I am letting two of my lava lamps go. The first is a more recent model, the Starship. How "cool" can you get? The second model is a rare vintage green lamp--very hard to obtain in working condition, as connoisseurs of modern home decor know. I have taken very good care of these wonderful fixtures, so rest assured that you can safely bask in the glow and mesmerizing action of these splendid icons of American culture for the special two-for-one price of

$123.00 (SOLD)

That's all for now.

Come back next spring!

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