Mr. Eha's First Annual Spring Internet Yard Sale, Lot #1 of 2

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Other more ordinary items can be found at various Internet auction sites, but the items listed below (and others to come) are made exclusively available to my faithful readers for reasons quite unknown to me. Good luck. First come, first served. No personal checks, please. Cash or money orders only. Be sure you really want the item(s), because there are NO RETURNS!

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Freddy and the Space Ship

Can you believe your eyes!? It is indeed a nearly pristine copy of Freddy and the Space Ship. And, yes, it has been read, but the degree of preservation is quite remarkable for a publication this old. The staples show no oxidation, and the pages are relatively free from scribbles, rips, dogears, and liver spots! A slight stale odor does not detract seriously from this comic book which I am offering as a steal for

$135.00 (SOLD)

Here's one of my favorite musical compositions. Mrs. U. and I have adapted it for accordion and harp, and since we have got it by heart, I have no further use for this interesting piece of Hallowe'en ephemera. It's yours for a mere

$297.00 (SOLD)

Buy me, you fool!

I found this ugly little doggie toy on a bench in Sibney Memorial Park the other day. Someone told me that it's one of those absurd Beanie Babies for which I have utter contempt, so if you're one of those undiscriminating collectors of such pop culture junk, it's waiting for a nice home with you for just

$1412.00 (SOLD)

Power to spare!

Fabulous! Here's one of my first computers, a Commodore 64 New Style Case Computer which I kept in great condition and in its original box (which is in good condition although some shelf wear shows). Comes with the original manuals: Introductory Guide to the 64 and System Guide. Includes original power supply. As far as ports go, there are joystick ports, expansion slot, RF port, video port, serial port, cassette port, and user port. You can't miss at


Hideous! Yecccch!

One of those utterly horrible, insipid Hummel figurines that I received as a gift from a well-meaning a acquaintance with no taste at all. I suppose if you're one of those Hummel collectors you'll go ga-ga enough over this "treasure" to lay out

$310.00 (SOLD)


It could be a spleen, too!

At one time I was an avid smoker (having developed the habit while in the Army during W.W.II), and this was my favorite ashtray. Herb always said it made him think of a ruptured liver. When I quit, I put out my last cigarette in this very ashtray, but since it holds no sentimental value for me, I can let this made-in-Japan rarity go for

$201.00 (SOLD)

Fabulous, isn't it?

I have a large number of these delightful peanut dispensers to present as gifts to the Martians should they ever come to Centerboro again.  There's no harm in being prepared. This extra one is in perfect condition. The body is of moulded glass and the chromed plastic head unscrews so one may fill the body with peanuts (or diet pills or thumbtacks or whatever). What do you say to

$278.00 (SOLD)

All the answers all the time!

This was mailed to me not too long ago by a well-wisher, I guess, and I'm sure it will be highly collectible someday. I never got around to opening it, but maybe you will, and then you'll discover all the answers in this Jerry Falwell LP record, The End of the World: How Near Is It? You can find out what he thinks for

New Price: $0.50
Reduced to: $0.10
Final Sale Price: One Cent!

I believe I have mentioned my Schoenhut circus toys somewhere else on this site, and this is one of the Schoenhut clowns I used to play with when I was little. I must be honest with you...he's missing an ear, but, hey, a lot of us old-timers are missing pieces. I was pretty careful with my toys, so he's in fairly good shape otherwise, all things considered, and very reasonably priced, I think, at

$604.00 (SOLD)

This is a German-made button box accordion from the 1930s. I bought it at an auction in 1947, but I haven't played it in years, and it's been sitting unused on a shelf in my toolshed. The picture shows you the general button set up. It has steel reeds. This accordion is a little bit wheezy, but it is rare compared to the usual run-of-the-mill piano accordions one runs across and worth every penny of

$783.00 (SOLD)

Sorry, Image Unavailable

A truly splendid umbrella stand signed by the famous Tuppercraft design house, a division of Tupperware and the Tupper Corp. Wow! It's about 20" high and the inside diameter is 7". It's made of a thick, gold-colored, semi-translucent brushed vinyl/plastic in a swirl pattern with an ivory molded plastic rim and base. The handles are made of rope, and there are five molded plastic legs. The drainage holes near the bottom are brass-rimmed. Even sight-unseen, how can you possibly go wrong for 

$202.00 (SOLD)

A superb Freddy title! Oh, I guess it was fifteen years or so ago that I picked this book up at a Centerboro Free Library book sale. It's actually a pretty good read. The spine is sunned. The pictorial library binding is slightly soiled. You have the expected library markings and imperfections.  Much more interesting than those other Freddy titles you may be hankering after, this clean, tight, attractive copy is much more affordable at only

$1.00 (SOLD)

You've read about it, and here it is--at least the part of it that I got at Mrs. Church's estate sale back in the '60s. I bought this junk lot with the intention of having the great pleasure of atomizing it with a sledge hammer. Never got around to it. The very necklace she practically accused me of stealing is in here with other choice baubles. I could be persuaded to part with all of it for

$100.00 (SOLD)



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