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Dear Reader: I am continuing to collect data on the views and opinions of fans of the Freddy the Pig stories. Perhaps the data will be useful to the "Friends of Freddy." Or maybe to the Martians! In any case, your responses are completely anonymous and will be greatly appreciated by someone or other someday. (Because your survey page is delivered to me via the Tripod form mailer, you really are anonymous, and I cannot respond directly to you--so don't wait around for me to acknowledge your submission or drop you a line. Sorry.) Complete only the items you wish; however, the more items you complete, the better your survey responses will be for research purposes! If you would be so kind, take a few moments to click here and there and fill in a few boxes. Thank you in advance for your time.

(To view the results of an official Friends of Freddy Mail List survey that the Statistical Research Department of Eha Industries conducted for the Friends during March 2003, click here: Survey Results)

Note: The survey form is disabled in the archived and CD versions of Mr. Eha's Place.

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