Please Note: This contest has been officially over for quite some time.
The contest announcement page is being retained here for reference and research purposes only.

EHA Industries, Inc. T-shirt Contest

Win a fabulous EHA Industries
"Mars Tour 2000" T-shirt

Just follow the simple steps below to enter this contest. And please read the fine print!

Step 1: Sign the Guestbook at Mr. Eha's Place between 11/25/98 and 12/31/98. Include a brief comment and/or question.

Step 2: The winner will be notified on January 2, 1999. That's all there is to it! Good luck!

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(Well, not anymore, since this contest took place when the site was still at GeoCities, and it obviously isn't there anymore.)

The Fine Print
(revised 12/4/98)

By Entering the EHA Industries T-shirt Contest You Are Tacitly Agreeing to the Following Terms.

  1. The winner of this contest will be determined on January 1, 1999, in a random drawing by a quorum of the Board of Managers of EHA Industries, Inc., of a single name from the Mr. Eha's Place Guestbook at The determination of the winner is final and not subject to appeal. No purchases of any kind are required to enter this contest. Signing the Guestbook more than once is cause for your immediate disqualification. However, if you have signed the Guestbook previous to Thanksgiving Day 1998, you may sign again to enter the contest. A single person signing the Guestbook using different e-mail addresses is cause for immediate disqualification. Rude, offensive, or non-all-ages comments or questions in the Guestbook are cause for immediate disqualification. You agree not to send abusive, threatening, or whiny communications to any EHA Industries Board member or to Edward Henry Anderson if you are not the winner. You will not send abusive, threatening, or whiny communications to any EHA Industries Board member or to Edward Henry Anderson if you are the winner. You agree not to sue EHA Industries, Inc. for mental anguish or any other negative physical or emotional effect(s) including (but not limited to) allergic reactions, heart palpitations, and/or depression that ensue as a result of your not winning. You agree not to sue EHA Industries, Inc. for mental anguish or any other negative physical or emotional effect(s) including (but not limited to) allergic reactions, heart palpitations, and/or depression that ensue as a result of your winning.
  2. If you are the winner, you agree not to sue EHA Industries for any personal injuries (physical, mental, or emotional, real or imaginary) suffered while wearing and/or while not wearing the T-shirt. Furthermore, you agree not to complain in any forum, public or private, about the size (XL only), quality, workmanship, durability, style, and/or any or all other tangible and intangible aspects of the prize. You agree to wear the T-shirt in public at least one time per week in warm weather (75 degrees Fahrenheit and above) and to actively and aggressively encourage passersby to write down and visit the Internet addresses listed on the back of the shirt. You will not wear or display the T-shirt in public in anything less than a clean and pressed state. You will not engage in any behavior that violates community standards of decency while wearing the T-shirt You assume complete responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the T-shirt immediately upon receipt of it and release EHA Industries, Inc. from all such responsibilities. You agree not to alter the T-shirt in any way including (but not limited to) tie-dying, removal of either or both sleeves, defacing or obscuring the lettering or image(s), and/or adding text or images. If or when the T-shirt becomes unwearable owing to normal wear and tear or accidental or deliberate damage, you will immediately dispose of it through incineration and under no circumstances use it as a cleaning rag.
  3. This contest is open to United States citizens who currently reside in the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii only. If you are an extraterrestrial, you may enter this contest if and only if you have a valid residential or business mailing address in the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii.
  4. Certain individuals and groups are strictly prohibited from entering this contest. They are as follows:
    • Members of the Board of Managers of EHA Industries, Inc.
    • Past or present employees or relatives of employees of EHA Industries, Inc.
    • Frederick Bean, Herbert Milton Garble, Harriet Peebles Anderson Pomeroy or her husband, or Richard Albacore, all formerly of Centerboro, New York
    • Descendants of former Oteseraga County (NY) Court Judge Nathan Willey
    • Members of the 1997-1998 Regents Biology class at Centerboro High School or members of the CHS Science Department during that period of time
    • Owners and/or drivers of any type of sports utility vehicle (SUV)
    • Anyone knowingly coming into possession of a stolen 1942 Studebaker
    • Anyone ever having vandalized a yard display or Hallowe'en jack-o'-lantern at 45 Clinton Street, Centerboro, NY
    • Anyone ever having made a derogatory comment about accordions or Mrs. Humphrey Underdunk
    • Anyone preferring Ant Farms to Sea Monkeys
    • Anyone ever having rudely accosted Edward Henry Anderson on the streets of Centerboro
    • Anyone who has ever expressed dissatisfaction with an EHA Industries product or service
    • Anyone having ever filed a complaint against EHA Industries with the Better Business Bureau
    • Any previous winners of an EHA Industries Shady Rest Getaway Package Contest currently involved in class action litigation against EHA Industries, Inc.
    • Anyone who has ever been sued by EHA Industries or Edward Henry Anderson for libel, slander, or defamation of character

    This contest is void where prohibited by law.

The Prize

Here is the front of the T-shirt This image is completely shabby owing to my cheap scanner and my technical ineptitude, and it does no justice to the splendidness of the shirt. Mrs. U., a woman of genuine class and impeccable taste, says that the real thing is much nicer. This is the official EHA Industries board-approved design.

And this is the back of the shirt. All text and graphics, front and back, are on a pure white background, of course, and are quite nicely detailed and sharp.

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