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(Links last checked and verified on 11/6/15)
Note: These links may be outdated in the archived or CD versions of Mr. Eha's Place.

Freddy Series and Book-Related Links

  • Why you would want horribly biased information on Walter R. Brooks and his Freddy the Pig book series is way beyond me, but if you absolutely must, go right to the mother lode, the official Friends of Freddy Site. (But don't tell 'em I sent you.)

  • Of course there's a Wikipedia article about Freddy the Pig. Got anything to add to it?

  • To find out about the publisher of the reprinted Freddy series, visit the Overlook Press Home Page.

  • A nicely done (though not recently updated) Freddy tribute page that made its first appearance on August 20, 2006, may be found here: Freddy the Pig

  • You actually want to see what the old Knopf editions look like? Well...all right, I guess.... That’s completely up to you. Check out Jill Morgan’s Freddy page.

  • On April 13, 1998, NPR’s All Things Considered presented a six-minute segment called The Return of Freddie (sic) the Pig.” You’ll need the RealAudio Player (which you can download from the NPR site) to listen to this presentation. Who knows how long it will be available in the archives, so better hurry! The file was still there the last time I checked on July 31, 2013.

  • Now that the Overlook Freddies have been on the market for a while, they are showing up on eBay and occasionally as remaindered stock here and there. Here are links for eBay and Overstock.com searches.

  • You say your literary life involves more than just re-reading the grubby Freddy books you've managed to find at the library book sales and the Salvation Army store over the last twenty years? Perhaps you are interested in other juvenile series books? If so, this site may be of interest to you: The Children's Literature Web Guide.

  • Why not go to Wikipedia and browse the List of Children's Literature Authors? You'll find Walter R. Brooks listed right above the nice lady who wrote Puss in Boots.

  • You want new books, do you, not just musty relics? You don't want to pay an arm and/or a leg? Here's a service that helps you compare prices from a number of booksellers: Best Book Buys. Also, try the AddAll search on the Table of Contents

  • Some keen bookstores to visit in person or online: Books and Books, City Lights Books, Elliott Bay Book Co., Powell's Books, Prairie Lights Books, Strand Bookstore, and Tattered Cover Bookstore.

Utilitarian Links

Let's be perfectly clear. I can't predict and don't guarantee that the software listed below is going to work okey-dokey on your machine. As with just about all software, there may be glitches and/or security risks associated with any of the programs listed below. It's up to you to investigate the products and take all the sensible precautions. If you don't know what "sensible precautions" means by now, you'd better stop downloading stuff off the Internet pronto and find out before you seriously mess your system up. For starters, visit the following sites before you resume your downloading activity.

Site 3

By the way, if you're downloading programs from CNET, you might install things you really don't want. Before you use their download service, read this!

Kills Some Martian Viruses Dead!

Mr. Eha's Interplanetary Hard Drive Cleaner (Free Home Version). Don't delay! Download today! Might work to help relieve symptoms of certain Martian computer viruses! Conditionally guaranteed! Works best when used as part of a conscientiously applied regimen of computer hygiene including, but not limited to, the following free real programs, all of which I myself use with no problems on a fully updated Windows 7 machine:

Note: There is no security program in the world that will protect you 100% against your own stupidity or lack of good judgment.

Firefox Logo Though it is a decent browser, you're not stuck with Internet Explorer. Why not take a look at Firefox today? It has beaucoup useful extensions and substantial security and privacy features! If you'd like to comaref browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, go here.
You're not stuck with M$ Office either, so why not take a look at the open source Libre Office suite today? You will not believe all the features you get absolutely free! It's a big download, but, boy howdy, do you ever get the works!
Kompozer Logo Kompozer, Nvu's "unofficial bug fix release," is an open source web authoring program that, in my opinion, rivals the best commercial software...really. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't use it myself. No knowledge of HTML is necessary to crank out your own splendid site!
Not So Utilitarian Links
I have visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology myself, and I have no reservations about recommending that you do the same should you find yourself in Culver City, CA, with a couple of hours on your hands. My favorite exhibits are The Eye of the Needle: The Microminiatures of Hagop Sandaldjian, Dogs of the Soviet Space Program, Garden of Eden on Wheels: Selected Collections from Los Angles Area Mobile Home and Trailer Parks, and Rotten Luck: The Decaying Dice of Ricky Jay. Perhaps you'd like to go directly to the gift shop?

There are many thousands of free ebooks available at the Project Gutenberg site from which millions are downloaded every month. What are you waiting for? And while you're at it, swing over to ManyBooks.net. As its name implies there's a lot to browse through at this very well-organized site

TVparty.com link

Lucy's lost theme songs? The infamous Dorothy Gray Cold Cream commercial of 1955? Satan as a product spokesman for Lays Potato Chips? Romper Room Confidential? Who killed TV's Superman? The amazing 1964 fall season? All this and much, much more at TVparty.com!

Googie architecture link

"Googie" is my hands-down favorite architectural style. "What's Googie?" you ask. "Googie architecture was born of the post-WWII car-culture and thrived in the 1950s and 1960s. Bold angles, colorful signs, plate glass, sweeping cantilevered roofs and pop-culture imagery captured the attention of drivers on adjacent streets." Check it out for yourself at SpaceAgeCity.

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Here are the Google search results for Lynda Barry, the brilliant cartoonist, novelist, and teacher who draws and writes so wonderfully well about the real, the near-real, and the surreal experiences of life, among other things. Use the search link I have provided on the left to search for her titles at Amazon.com. I suppose you could order your Freddy books from there, too, but I'd recommend Ms. Barry's 100 Demons, instead. It is truly a work of art on several levels. (Is it too obvious that I'm a great fan of Ms. Barry's work?)


Zippy the Pinhead link

Meet Zippy the Pinhead, who advises, "If you can't say something nice, say something surrealistic." Read the "Zippyisms" first and then forge on! "Are we having fun yet?" You bet! Will you, too, accept provolone into your life? Who knows! I'd start with fried bologna and a cold beer first, myself.

Archie McPhee link

Archie McPhee & Company, the self-styled "Outfitters of Popular Culture," offers completely vulgar, yet somehow strangely attractive merchandise. Find the perfect gift here! For example, the porkophile you know might enjoy an item from the bacon collection.

Darwin Awards llink

"The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally kill themselves in really stupid ways." This is one of the Martians' consistently favorite sites, or so I gather through their telepathic emanations.

Conelrad link

Ah, the 1950s! The Golden Age of Centerboro! I'll bet you think it was the best of the last 100 decades, don't you. But, don't forget that this was the Cold War era, when little schoolchildren practiced crouching under their school desks to protect themselves from the flying glass shards caused by thermonuclear explosions! Want to learn more? Go to the Conelrad site

"...Dumb Warnings, where you may see the consequences of numerous pointless lawsuits. This site is dedicated to helping companies fight this menace which is plaguing society today. In addition to Dumb Warnings, this site will also feature Dumb Instructions, Rules, and other information frequently placed on packages." Really, visit this place! You will not believe your eyes!

Subtly-Askew Museum link

This is but one of the many curiosities on exhibit at the Subtly-Askew Museum. What's so curious about a dead fly, you ask? You'll have to go to the museum to find out! From the Museum's homepage: "Dr." Subtly-Askew (b. 1842) made his fortune in the hard-edged world of manufacturing, and remains world-famous even today as the "Hasp King" of Cobbledecook, New York. Self-educated, highly demonstrative, humble, remarkable in every way, gifted with nearly supernatural quantities of kindliness, benevolence, and trust, survivor of at least two industrial and one post-industrial revolutions, he is the oldest and perhaps the least sceptical human being who has ever lived on the face of the earth. During the course of his long career as a voracious collector and accumulator of precious objects, he has given those who venerate him ample cause for thanks, and in 1926, as a token of their undying esteem, his grateful purchasing agents and employees presented him with the title ("Doctor") which still appears on the letterhead of his well-known mobile stationary."
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