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Telepathy Skullcap

Each reusable skullcap is a disk of super-lightweight metallic material. Very malleable and easily moldable to any size or shape head. Tune in to Martian telepathic emanations with convenience and comfort. Easily concealed under a wig (see next item) or most hats. These skullcaps contain slight irregularities which do not affect their performance. Sold in packages of 10.  Regular price: $49.95. Special price: $39.95. Item Number TS-02136 (SOLD OUT)

The EHA Industries Transformation

Need a reasonably-priced wig to conceal your Telepathy Skullcap? These hairpieces made right here in Centerboro come in a natural color which can be dyed to fit your needs. Easily styled. One size fits all. Slight imperfections correctable with a pair a scissors. Regular price: $100. Special price: $79.95. Item Number TT-82942 (SOLD OUT)

EHA Industries Alien Invasion Warning System

Produce a
130dB burst with our roof-mounted blaster. Equivalent to a standard air raid siren. Warn your neighborhood of alien invasions. Easily rechargeable using an ordinary air compressor. Does not use electricity. No parts to wear out. Comes with six pairs of foam earplugs for you. Regular price: $600.00. Special price on refurbished units: $359.95. (We also have in stock some brand new 100 dB mobile units--equivalent to a car horn or chain saw at close range-- at the regular price of $249.95. Looks exactly like a standard portable medical oxygen tank! (Most effective when used in enclosed areas such as restaurants, movie theaters, and waiting rooms!) Item Number IWS-63657

EHA Industries Corporate Polo Shirts

Very dapper heavyweight polos sporting the EHA Industries logo. Colors available: neon yellow, cement, burnt umber, and bronze. Sizes XS and 4X-L only. Mill seconds. Regular price: $50.00. Item Number CPS-00713 Special price: $40.00. (SOLD OUT)

EHA Industries Night Vision Binoculars

We've imported these powerful 2X binoculars which feature 2nd generation Russian technology to produce a whopping 30,000X light amplification factor. Ideal for spotting night landings of alien spacecraft. Slight cosmetic blemishes on these otherwise optically fine instruments. Regular price: $900.00. Special price: $783. Item Number NVB-98630 (SOLD OUT)

They Walk Among Us: The Earth-Mars Confluence!

My self-published treatise on the Earth-Mars connection. Each book is in unread condition with a dust jacket. Here is your chance to explore my speculations on Martians, the millennium, various conspiracies, and the secrets of the ages. Nothing but The Truth™.  Two hundred pages with illustrations and index. Limited quantity. Don't be disappointed. Order today! Regular price: $35.00. Special one-time clearance price: $1.98. Item Number BEMC-22459 (SOLD OUT)

English-Martian Comprehensive Colloquial Phrase List

The expanded version of the Mr. Eha's Place list of useful phrases. Be prepared! Very limited quantity of this indispensable 30-page pocket reference. Regular price: $19.95. Special overstock price: $1.00. Item Number BCPL-42229 (SOLD OUT)

Genuine Martian-Shucked Peanut Shell

Own a genuine peanut shell shucked by Martians during the celebrated May 28, 1955, Mars-Tushville baseball game. These are hand-picked, museum-quality specimens. Your order comes with a certificate of authenticity. Regular price: $50.00 per shell.
Special price:
$29.95 each or two for $55.00. (Special offer: If you wish, we can embed your specimen in a clear acrylic block suitable for display. Add $100 to your order.) Limited Quantities! Order Now! Item Number SPS-33915

Plaster Cast of Martian Footprints

Yes, this is the very same item we sell at UFO Conventions around the world for $2000. Each carefully trimmed plaster block is two feet wide by six feet long by 2 inches thick. There will be no less than five distinct footprints on your block which comes with a registered serial number and a certificate of authenticity signed by our resident expert xenologists. Special overstock sale price: $1000. Item Number MF-16470 (NOW REDUCED TO $800!)

Flying Saucer Project Souvenirs

These 1" square pieces of galvanized sheet metal from the second flying saucer project make a great gift item...or a valuable collectible to treasure yourself.  Each piece is mounted on a 3" X 3" plaque of select western pine. Of course, each order comes with our standard certificate of authenticity. Regular price: $25.00.
Special sale price: $19.95. Item Number FSP-29501 (SOLD OUT)

Hand-Carved Replica of a Martian

Hand-carved, beautifully detailed, life-sized replica of an adult Martian. Only the finest yellow pine is used in this hand-sanded, hand-painted product. We suggest displaying this work of art in a small sandbox (not included). Minor, almost unnoticeable blems on this sale item.
Regular price: $295.00. Only two left @ the special price: $149.95. Item Number MR-00438 (SOLD OUT)

Martian Model Kit

For the hobbyist, a build-it-yourself, life-sized model of an adult Martian. Components are precut, highest quality Styrofoam, PVC pipe, wood dowels, pipe cleaners, glue, templates for painting details, one can of dark gray
spray paint, one bottle of flat black enamel paint with fine brush, and detailed instructions. Fun for the whole family! Regular price: $32.00. Special price: $19.95. Item Number MMK-56100 (SOLD OUT)

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