The Anderson-Underdunk Work Parity Wall Chart
(A Unique Aid for Blissful Marriages and Other Relationships)

As you know, Mrs. Underdunk and I have enjoyed a most satisfying long-term relationship characterized by the kind of egalitarian rationality that most people can only dream of. Now it is true that we are not married and are not glued to each other 24 hours per day, but we both have been married (Mrs. Underdunk for many years) and are therefore no strangers to the state. Moreover, we do spend a great deal of time together, and I assure you that we have had to work through many of the same mishaps, malfunctions, and technical problems that married couples commonly experience.

We have therefore decided to make public a means of sorting out one of the most critical issues facing the North American household. This issue underlies much of the friction and strain prevalent in contemporary marriages and other relationships. It is the issue of household work parity.

  • How many times have you and your spouse or "significant other" bickered over who is putting more into the day-to-day management of your home and relationship?
  • How many times have you heard: "Henry, I'm doing more than my share of things around here! When are you going to get off your a** and do something?!" or "Madge, I'm busting my tail around here. Do you think maybe you could get that phone out of your ear and lend a hand?" It gets pretty tedious, doesn't it?
  • Well, help is at hand! With the Anderson-Underdunk Work Parity Wall Chart™, you and your partner can easily calculate the relative effort each of you is expending to keep your relationship and home afloat--and easily balance the load

Here is a free random sample from the contents of the Work Parity Wall Chart™.

Work Parity Wall Chart

Chore performed by one partner

Reasonable equivalent for other partner

Listen to another interminable "I had a hard day" story

Take dog out at 3 A.M. to do its business

Capture one spider and release outside

Clip partner's ear and nose hairs

Open any one tightly closed container

 Scratch partner's inaccessible itch

Hang up on persistent telemarketer

Remove shrink wrap from CD or DVD

Spend afternoon w/ unpleasant relative-in-law

Mow four acres of lawn on a very hot day

Vacuum, wash, and wax car

Answer "Why do you love me?" in detail

Clear the yard of dog doo-doo for one week

Play cards w/ partner's boring friends

Put together "easy to assemble" bookshelf

Clean entire basement and garage

Find & eliminate source of bad smell in fridge

Return 50-60 bottles & cans to supermarket

Spray angry hornets' nest

Floss cat's teeth

Check partner for Lyme Disease ticks

Fish out hair clog from tub drain with wire hanger

Scrape and paint all the window trim

Converse with door-to-door missionaries

Balance senile in-law's checkbook

Scrub bathroom tiles with toothbrush

Take down & put away yard display modules

Go to partner's niece's/nephew's violin recital

Laugh at poorly remembered & delivered joke

Reply, "You're not fat; you're endomorphic."

I'm sure that after browsing this small sample of  the newest product from EHA Industries, Inc., you are already asking yourself, "How can I get the whole shebang?"  It's simple! Just E-mail EHA Industries, Inc. to get pricing information for the attractive and complete 8' X 12' easy-to-install, adhesive-backed Work Parity Wall Chart ™.  There are nearly fourteen thousand entries in 96 rows and 144 columns in this easy-to-navigate indexed chart! Never again argue about who is in work-debt to the other. A quick glance at the chart enables you to balance the household workload quickly and efficiently, preserve your peace of mind, and ensure domestic tranquility. Isn't this exciting new concept just what you and your partner have been waiting for? Isn't it something you owe yourselves...?  Don't delay! Write today!

Coming soon!  A software version of the Work Parity Wall Chart  with even more entries and a keyword search feature! Information on availability and price will be released as soon as beta testing has been completed.


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