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Pages of a More General Nature

To the Mr. Eha's Place Homepage Critical information about the nature and contents of this site

Mr. Eha: A Brief Autobiography

The Identity of the Author of Mr. Eha's Place Revealed!

Links to Some of Mr. Eha's Favorite Amusing and Informative Sites, some of which are Freddy-related

Survey Form: Voice Your Freddy the Pig Series Opinions and Preferences & Results of the March 2003 Friends of Freddy Survey Courtesy of the Statistical Research Department of EHA Industries

Testimonial Page Completely unsolicited, of course...

Stories & Documents Relating to
Centerboro & the Freddy Books


The Interviews with Miss Priscilla Belette

Tales Out of School (and Elsewhere): True Stories from Centerboro's Golden Age

  1. "Herbie and the White Paste"
  2. "Herbie, Petey, and the Kishka"
  3. "Bees in a Jar"
  4. "Louis Doberman and the Bowling Shoes"
  5. "The Sean McMurty Incident"
  6. "Running Away"
  7. "Frankenstein"
  8. "Harriet Peebles Blows Her Top"
  9. "All the Marbles" (unfinished now and forever)

A Corrected and Emended Transcript of My Address (Slightly Abridged) to the Ladies' Literary Society of Centerboro on Saturday, September 12, 1959

What happened to Herb Garble, William Bean, Freddy, Jinx, Orestes Boomschmidt, Jimson Camphor, Simon, Harriet, Charles and Henrietta, Mrs. Wiggins, Hank, Mrs. Underdunk, Benjamin Bean, Alice and Emma, Theodore, and yours truly?

Ella, Everett, Adoniram, and Byram: A Verifiable Account of All the Adopted Bean Children & The True Story of the So-called "Ignormus"

Setting the Record Straight: My So-called "Criminal Career" Vs That of Frederick Bean

Great Mysteries of the Freddy the Pig Books: Inconsistencies, implausibilities, impossibilities, and imponderables

Reprint of an article published in the Fall 2005 Bean Home Newsletter : "Why a Sunbonnet and Curls?"

Reprint of an article published in the Winter 2005 Bean Home Newsletter : "On Unpublished Freddy Manuscripts, Synopses and Reviews of a Select Few, & an Unpublishable Freddy Poem"

Mainly Martian Matters

The Martians and Their Visitation to Centerboro, New York in the 1950s

Authentic Martian "Handwriting" Samples

An Indispensable List of Potentially Lifesaving English-Martian Phrases Want to survive the Martian invasion? Well, who doesn't! This may help! Print it out and carry it with you at all times!

Late Summer 2002 Court-Ordered All-Martian Sale!

Reprint of an article published in the Spring 2005 Bean Home Newsletter : "Upon the Golden Anniversary of the 1955 Martian Visit to Centerboro, NY"

Frequently & Infrequently Asked Questions

All the FAQs from the old first edition of Mr. Eha's Place (Revised and Updated) Deconstructionist?, Autographs, Offspring, A Visit to Mars, Deleted Expletives, Proof of Life on Mars, My Lecture Tour Topics, So You Want to Visit Me, The Horribles, Getting in Touch with Martians, THE TRUTH About the "Face on Mars" (illustrated), etc., etc., etc.

FAQ #1 Kurt Wiese, Dixon Diner "Puffy French Fries" recipe, books for sale or trade, etc.

FAQ #2 Ranking of Freddy books, Martian names, alien abductions, how big the Big Woods is, etc.

FAQ #3 My accordions, a goodly number of accordion jokes, the composition of kishka revealed, etc.

FAQ #4 The meaning of life, my business cards, the reality of the Freddy books vs. real reality, etc.

FAQ #5 Where is Centerboro exactly?,  my views on free speech on the Internet, misdirected questions and where to direct them, etc.

FAQ #6 Centerboro's old Main Street (a detailed description of the north side), Am I J.D. Salinger?, some relatively mature material, etc.

FAQ #7 Astounding pictures! the Big Woods, my 5th grade class portrait, Mrs. Underdunk's mansion, etc.

FAQ #8 Why I have a "bad attitude" toward bookdealers, an unpublished Freddy "poem," 1998 Eating Plan, etc.

FAQ #9 Will I return to the Freddy list?, my near-death experience, some favorite sites not on the Links page, etc.

FAQ #10 What are the 100 best novels?, the "Smiley Face" on Mars, my 1998 Hallowe'en display, my pet Chloe

FAQ #11 I at an FOF convention?; my shelf of Freddy books (illustrated); I, a Martian?, etc.

FAQ #12 More astounding pictures: my 1998 jack-o'-lantern, a picture of my kitchen and doggie, T-shirt 2000, my compost heap, etc.

FAQ #13 Am I more than one person?, some interesting anagrams, Wagner's Fafner and Brooks's relatively poofy dragon, etc.

FAQ #14 Important Sea-Monkey information, some political advice, the indolent Hector Boomschmidt, my study, etc.

FAQ #15 Is Freddy still alive?, free book clues, 1999 Eating Plan, Overlook reissues of the Freddy books, etc.

FAQ #16 Clones, EHA Industries employment, allegedly unfair contests, history of the old Grimby place, some web publishing advice, etc.

FAQ #17 Judge Roy Bean, my nominations for a Freddy movie cast, new Freddy links, Dan Quayle on Mars, etc.

FAQ #18 More of Harriet's hats, my moon phase, Alfred Knopf pictures & information, Mr. Bean's pipe, etc.

FAQ #19 Ridding yourself of telemarketers, the Beans' wealth, verisimilitude, Leo--the effeminate lion, etc.

FAQ #20 The Centerboro Free Library, a Freddy the Pig book you've never seen, wasps & hornets, etc.

FAQ #21 Cars of the wealthy, my 1st published book, Tushville High School, my philosophy,  cold ham, etc.

FAQ #22 The "Where Is It?" FAQ: four splendid maps relating to the Freddy series, including one of the immediate surroundings of Centerboro, New York

FAQ #23 A Martian fossil, a Boomschmidt Circus giveaway, Miss Biles, a "Freddyverse" chronology chart, my 1999 jack-o'-lantern, etc.

FAQ #24 Revisions to the Chronology Chart, "Buy a ticket at the wicket," other more noteworthy series books, and a compendium of Freddy disguises

FAQ #25 A preview of the signed Freddy up for grabs at the Spring 2000 Internet Yard Sale; another trip to the vet with Chloe; the Bean Farm treehouse; the Muszkiski bowling alley;  a brief  biography of the late Jason Brewer, former C.H.S. star fullback; Mrs. Twitch, the Centerboro Hotel cook; the meaning of "N.B."; Eating Plan for 2000; etc.

FAQ #26 The mysterious number 783; the "Mystery Illustration" redux; Are the Beans and Andersons related?; Bill Wonks; the glass eye; William Bean and Minerva Camphor; rhymes for "cousins"; Neo-Anabaptists and the ruins of Calgary, etc.

FAQ #27 A Freddy-Sally Field connection; a brief Centerboro and Oteseraga County necrology; a photo of Byram and Adoniram; non-antagonistic rats; "unidentified man" photograph solution; lakes and rivers; Beller and Rohr's; Witherspoon's wife; etc.

FAQ #28 Good places to dine in Montreal and Quebec, picture of the Oteseraga County Fairgrounds, Hallowe'en Yard Display 2000,  a not quite present-day view of downtown Centerboro, a mint Wiggins for President which will be for sale at the next Internet Yard Sale, a mishmash of miscellaneous Freddy stuff, a new Altoids recipe, green pumpkins,  rent my toolshed, etc.

FAQ #29 A Martian plaque and the Rhind Papyrus, my three-year plan,  the duckpond, and my Christmas 2000 card for you

FAQ #30 Photo of young Frederick Bean, the background information on and application form for the "Bean Farm Approved" award, a picture of the Busy Bee Dry Goods store, and a host of answers to infrequently asked questions

FAQ #31 A recent picture and message from our editor-in-chief, Axon Spardoze; Centerboro through the ages; Boomschmidt's Willy; typos; fireflies; etc.

The Last FAQ Impending Martian invasion, rodents and squirrel fishing, another incredible Centerboro collectible for sale, Frederick "brilliant"?, Rural Free Delivery #2, Contest #7 answers, critical approaches to Freddy the Cross Dresser, another F. Bean obituary, the 2002 Jack-o'-lantern, favorite quotations, a Space Ship mystery, a report from Axon Spardoze on the 2002 Freddy Convention, assorted other stuff, and an announcement of my semi-retirement as a website creator

The Picture Pages

All the Picture Pages 1 through 5 from the retired first edition of Mr. Eha's Place: my first accordion; Herb Garble and me in the army; my little dog Lulu; a Martian neonate; two pictures of the lunatic Benjamin Bean; a Martian-human hybrid (?); three pictures of Frederick Bean; three pictures of Mrs. Underdunk; William Bean and his pet bear; James "Jinx" Bean; the sisters Wiggins, Wogus, and Wurzburger; the young Martha Doty and the elderly Martha Bean; Charles, Freddy, and ?; Madeline "Minx" Bean; one of my Hallowe'en yard displays; an unidentified man with a mustache; Jinx, Minx, and Jenny Hall with a sailboat; and another Martian-human hybrid (?)

#6 Two pictures of Centerboro's old Main Street (1930s and older), the Oteseraga County Courthouse, the Centerboro Fire Department Drum and Bugle Corps (My father is in this photo.), the old Centerboro jail, the old Centerboro High School (the one I attended), and some of the splendid birds of Oteseraga County

#7 A Coubos Dairy Farm bottle cap, the Centerboro "Threshers" Drum Corps, a fully operational Martian ray gun, and a  mint Boomschmidt Circus poster

#8 An old postcard of the Centerboro Hotel, the "angry bees" playground, Humphrey Underdunk's monument, the Oteseraga County Custodial Asylum, and the interior of Dixon's Diner

#9 Another view of Main Street (looking west), the orphanage in Dutch Flats, the main dining room of the Centerboro Hotel, Harriet's mannequin head (3 views), and a birthday present from a reader

#10 The old Centerboro Town Hall, the Camphor estate, a mysterious Wiese illustration, the second flying saucer project prototype, the incredibly hideous Centerboro Country Mall, the Centerboro library, another view of the old Centerboro Main Street (looking east), and my 1999 Christmas card which you did not get if you are not on my mailing list

#11 An old photo of 45 Clinton Street, the Centerboro Fire Dept. Junior Drum Corps, A postcard from Jason Brewer's collection, the interior of  the Centerboro Cinema Palace, Bean-Bean-Carnegie, Mushroom Planet books

#12 A very nice Lakeside Hotel postcard, all the rest of the Mushroom Planet books, Chloe's favorite squeak toy, and the only Mars Vs Tushville scorecard known to exist

#13 Tushville High School redux, a truly spiffy Oteseraga County felt pennant, the jack-o'-lantern 2000,  two nice views of the trolley tracks in downtown Centerboro, and Gladys Pippin's rendition of the Martians' flying saucer

#14 An old Wiggins for President campaign button, a Hercules Boomschmidt autographed photo, Freddy and the Crazy Day cover art (?), and a picture of the most likely inspiration for Brooks's dragon

#15 An Oteseraga Indian Village souvenir, the authentic Snedeker-Bean teapot, three Bean farm scenes, and advertising space available on my headstone

#16 Sarah Boomschmidt and baby Leo, the Centerboro farmers' riot, a view of the Oneida Valley, Mirabel Margarine, young William Bean with pipe and gun, and Boomschmidt clowns

#17 Herb's alligator farm, Hector Boomschmidt, Harold Huge, Elmira Camphor and friend, some mammoth pumpkins, and a varnished clutch of Martian eggs

# 18 Kidnapped cow, Mademoiselle Rose, Harold Huge Vs Tom Tall, a one-time high dive act, Madeline Bean, and an inscribed edition of Freddy and the Space Ship

#19  Herb's childhood house, Herb and a mess of fish, Centerboro in 1920 and 1925 (Christmas), Bill Wonks flies through the air, and Admiral Byrd's Penguin (2 views)

#20 Mr. Bean's Farm television studio set, the Lakeside Hotel, another Old Main Street photograph, my Hallowe'en mask, the original (?) Freginald, and the Boomschmidt bandwagon

#21 Centerboro's water tower, more Main Street views, two Jackson Street views, the gothic jail, the County Courthouse, the Willow Bend Inn, and a pig weigh-in

#22 Circus midway, Cousin Hermie, Centerboro in 1927 or 1928, Lucius Snedeker, a steam tractor, Adoniram and Byram, Minx lighting up, the Centerboro Hospital where I was born, and my 2001 jack-o'-lantern

#23 The Beans' phaeton, Mrs. Bean and a fork salesman, Mrs. Bean and Mrs. Church, Mrs. Church's house, new old Centerboro pictures, and the Boomschmidt Circus giant and his wife

#24 The Witherspoon farm, Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, the Busy Bee and the First National Bank of Centerboro, State Police Barracks, the YMCA building, people dressed as carrots, Ollie Groper at the concessions desk, Man from Mars Totem Head, and the obituary of Frederick R. Bean in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

#25  Sundry Bean farm implements, another view of the Centerboro water tower, the Centerboro High School 1939 graduation portrait, WW I soldiers parading down Main Street, a close-up of the Centerboro trolley, and the Tushville team which played the Martians in 1955

#26 The old Centerboro Opera House, bigtop entrance with Hannibal, the Macy pigpen, Jinx and a rooster (not Charles!), Harriet's bird hospital, a Centerboro Free Association Church mass wedding, young Priscilla Belette waiting for her baton to descend, a "corn fed" threesome, and some obscure LLSC ceremony

#27 Mr. Bean's osteoporosis & a reasoning pig, old "Prune Face Peppercorn," Socialist Farmers' Union parade float, founders of the socialist movement in Centerboro, a multiple choice picture, my great-uncles Alexander and Joseph, and the farmers Wurzburger, Wiggins, and Wogus

# 28: The Penultimate Picture Page More Main Street pictures, Oteseraga County doughboys, a protective suit, an airplane mystery, the New York Central depot, another multiple choice picture, pages from my primer, a postcard from Charles, two maps, and the Baptist church

#29: The Ultimate Picture Page Three-year-old William Bean, a Centerboro celebrity, C. Jimson and some gymnastic pals, a couple of downtown pictures, Felix Rohr, a balloon basket, and the C.H.S. football team with Freddy

#30: The Post-Ultimate Picture Page Freddy's football award letter, a Biro Freddy illustration, the Centerboro post office, the old Custodial Asylum, vintage maps of Centerboro and Oteseraga County, Mr. Weezer in the bank vault, a truly dangerous Martian weapon, a 1955 Centerboro Clippers score book, another Labor Day parade photo, and a radio capable of receiving Martian emanations

#31: Just Another Picture Page YWCA circa 1910, 1866 Centerboro map, Miss Clipper of 1952?, Stott & Brean, Canoe Club landing, Centerboro Guardian building, Masonic Temple circa 1920, the Centerboro founder's monument, Centerboro Hotel lobby, a neat item, Siebring's credit department sign, a Camphor auntie, a number of Zingo's props, and Willow Bend Inn patrons

#32: Not the Last Picture Page Either Evidence of barking madness, asylum in stereo, Miss Pottle's fourth grade classroom, one of the Bean barns, a dangerous milking stool, an Indian can, the Beachcomber, sundry political items for sale, a parlour photograph, the Centerboro Club, a money bag, and one more Centerboro Hotel photograph

#33: A Few More Pictures Mrs. U and I costumed for Hallowe'en, Gertrude Filmore, the Margarine estate, a Grimby boy and his dog, Jinx clowning around, Fluffy, three little bears, Petey Muszkiski, a memorable Centerboro resident, an Oteseraga Lake mystery, another strange Centerboro group, and my 2005 jack-o'-lantern

#34: A Picture Page Expert-Level Quiz! (And a special 2005 Hallowthanxmas™ sale item!)

#35: Will the Pictures Never End? A treasure hunt, my cousin Dougal, a nice pair of legs, Officer Oglethorpe, Simon, a candid photo of a snoozing Mr. Brooks, a plane crash, topiary, Billy Margarine, and Herb's wieniemobile

#36: By Golly! More Pix! A wonderful Freddy ex-lib, bargain lamp, not a murder scene, Martian-human hybrid shadow, a Martian embryo, Albert Funderburke, Angus Coombs and wife, Rev. Melvin Wintersip again, Jenny Hall whizzing by, and an Adolfo Best-Maugard book

#37: Really (?) the Last Picture Page Photo of the Martians' flying saucer, a psychoanalyst, Herb's talented chicken, Minnie and Elmira, a couple of centenarians, a Free Association Church outing in the dragon cave, a Centerboro storefront, horsing around, a Freddy illustration, and for sale: my Studebaker owner's guide and two Centerboro Hotel items. Also, the small survey concerning Mr. Eha's Place which led to its temporary demise

#38: Obscure Corners Camping out, physical culture enthusiast, hotel dining room, old main drag, Edna Garble, the Halseys, Uncle Ben, CHS football, me at 3 months, Muzkiski's little dog Bertie, the Duda brothers, Maxine Coubos, Centerboro Board of Education, "Sniffy" Wilson's wife, a most dangerous oculist

#39: Just a Few More Mr. Eha's Place, Camphor's mower, a deadly artifact, Senator Blore, outdoor fun, Gertrude Bean, the Benjamin Bean "All-Purpose Prodigious Automaton," old Centerboro through the seasons, Mrs. U's crystal ball

#40 A Scant Half Dozen Lincoln Elementary School classroom, a Centerboro church, my personal copy of Moby Dick, Doc Winterbottom, my Series 500 telephone, a Martian von Neumann machine

#41: Another Half Dozen Mrs. Underdunk, Uncle Ben's brain, Grandfather Bezaliel Bean, an excellent ex-lib Freddy and the Men from Mars, old hotel advertising, the Martian Great Crustaceanoid

#42: Almost Certainly, but Not Necessarily, the Last of the Picture Pages Interior of Beller and Rohr's, old school Hallowe'en costumes, a nifty Walter Brooks item, 1920 Main Street, Fresh Air Kids parade, another Centerboro hotel, high-flying Golcher

#43: Sundry Glimpses of Elsewhere and Elsewhen The Palms juke jox, "Pops" Pottle, Boomschmidt's circus band, two Freddies and some Centerboro and Freddy-related emphemera for sale, a Main Street corner, the Primrose Maternity Home, and Winterpool's Cabinet of Natural, Historical, and Medical Curiosities

#44: A Small Deposition of Oddments & Sundries Upon the Sedimentary Layers of the Internet A Centerboro railroad bridge with a story, the last days of the Palace Theater, a Seibring's Motors matchbook for sale, a pleasant day on Main Street in 1935, the December 2010 issue of Book Collector's Magazine, wonderful Freddy books for sale--at great prices, the Centerboro Free Library children's room, and a most curious Wanted poster from December 6, 1910

#45 The Adolfo Best-Maugard Gallery of To and Again Illustrations All the Freddy pictures by the first illustrator of the series to be


Reviews of Published & Unpublished Freddy Manuscripts

Selected Short Reviews of Some of the Published Freddy Books

Synopses and Ratings of Unpublished Freddy Manuscripts

Freddy the Playwright, Freddy and the Robot, Freddy and Weedly at the Donner Pass, Freddy and the Yeti, Freddy the Public Health Officer, Freddy Conquers the World, Freddy and Ginger, Freddy and the Pigasus, Freddy and the Oteseraga Lake Monster, Freddy the Inventor, Freddy Goes to Mars, Freddy and the Bean Farm Olympics, Freddy and the Time Machine, Freddy and the Giant Rat of Centerboro, Freddy the Submariner, Freddy Goes to College, Wiggins for Mayor, Freddy the Salesman, Freddy Goes Mountain Climbing, Freddy and the Secret Mission, Freddy at the Center of the Earth, Freddy and the Ghost, Freddy the Musician, Freddy vs. Goliath, To and Fro, The Life and Times of Freddy the Pig

More Synopses and Ratings of Unpublished Freddy Manuscripts

Freddy the Scientist, Freddy and the Badminton Team from Mars, Freddy Runs a Restaurant, The Stupendous Frederick, Freddy on the Erie Canal, Simon the Red, Freddy the Beatnik, Once Again To and Again, Freddy's Son Freddy, Freddy and the ?, Freddy and the Croquet Team from Mars, Freddy the Ventriloquist, Freddy and the Crazy Day, Freddy the Ringmaster, Bannister Saves the Day, Freddy Goes to School, Freddy Goes West, Freddy Goes to War, Freddy and the Bean Farm Atomic Reactor, Freddy and his Atomic Telescope

Archive of Sales Held on Mr. Eha's Place
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Special Sale Items from the EHA Industries Catalog
Featuring such splendid items as our Telepathy Skullcaps, beautiful hand-carved Martian model, and EHA Industries corporate polo shirts in a variety of colors and sizes!

Spring 1999 Internet Yard Sale, Lot #1

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Spring 2001 Internet Yard Sale!

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Miscellaneous, Declassified, and/or Unclassifiable Stuff

The Hallowthanxmas™ Page The exclusive, trademarked super holiday season brought to you by the Conceptual Engineering Department of Eha Industries! Be sure to read "Important Information About Hallowthanxmas™ Products" before your purchase. Check back often for the latest information and special deals!

Screensaver Downloads for your NOOK Simple Touch or 1st Edition: 600 X 800 b&w Freddy-related images painstakingly handcrafted by Mr. Eha himself

A Special Impersonal and Perpetual Hallowthanxmas™ Greeting from Mr. Eha

From the EHA Industries Biocultural Research Division
Two definitive and illuminating documents regarding politicians

Authentic Dixon's Diner Recipes
N.B. I am not responsible for any health problems you may experience should you actually prepare and eat the results of any of these recipes.

A Tirade Against Avaricious Bookdealers and "An Ode to the Ex-Library Copy"

The Anderson-Underdunk Work Parity Wall Chart™ (Advertisement)

My Marriage Proposal to Mrs. Underdunk & Her Reply This event occurred quite some time after Mrs. Underdunk and I conceived of the Work Parity Wall Chart.

Old Contest (Retained for Historical Interest)

Official Contest Page

The Reports Were Greatly Exaggerated: A Confounding Account of Certain Events in May of 1998 Concerning My Abduction by Martians and My Supposed Demise

  • What Actually Transpired
  • "In Memoriam, Edward Henry Anderson"--My premature obituary
  • "Edward H. Anderson's Last Will and Testament"-- revised several times since
  • "Mysterious Disappearance" Newpaper Article
  • Various related e-mail messages