Early Summer 2014

An Omnium-Gatherum of Special Sale Items & Investment Opportunities


Yes, it's a stated first. Yes, it's a ex-lib read-only copy with some of the best library repairs I've ever seen. Hard to believe, isn't it, but it is for sale. I've held onto this delightful Wiggins for President (a.k.a. Freddy the Politician in later incarnations) for sentimental reasons, the exact nature of which I am no longer able to recall. Therefore, it's time for it to move to a good home where someone will appreciate its obvious attractiveness.

These well-fermented, winsome Knopf Freddies are becoming ever more scarce, so if you've been hankering for a vintage Wiggins for President, may I suggest you set aside any penny-wise & pound-foolish reservations you may have and snap this lovely example up at a remarkable

Sale Price!

$600.00 + Shipping & Handling



Toned, tanned, and brittle! Wow! Does it get any better than this very displayable Knopf 1931 edition of Mr. Brooks's New York: An Intimate Guide? I daresay not.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Brooks's field guide to The Big Apple of yesteryear, you may find a contemporary review by Creighton Peet here. If you are not familiar with Creighton Peet, well, not to fret. Neither am I.

I'm not going to waste your time with a list of all the merits of this splendid book, so let's cut to the chase, shall we?

Special Sale Price!

$500.00 + Shipping & Handling



Here's a fusty, musty tome that the non-fussy collector of Brooksiana will appreciate.

This 1935 effort by Mr. Brooks would have been much more entertaining had it been a bit more ribald. As it is, it might generously be called a mildly amusing story of a bored husband with an above-average (but just above) imagination.

You'd do much better to spend your time reading James Thurber, but if you have a porch swing, a glass of cold lemonade, and an elderly dog to lie snoring at your feet, this light fare might be just the thing for a hot summer day's afternoon diversion.

One Time Only Sale Price!

$200.00 + Shipping & Handling


My final book offering is this fair-plus to good-minus barely used copy of Freddy and the Pig. No, of course it is not part of the official Freddy series by Mr. Brooks. The plot of this lightweight story for disinclined and/or indifferent young readers involves a boy who sends a pig to school in his place, and in that respect, this 5.6 ounce, 32-page volume reminds one of Freddy Plays Football to a very small degree. I'm making this book available at a most reasonable price for those completely besotted Freddyites who simply must have everything with the words "Freddy" and "Pig" in their titles. Consider it my non-mandatory good deed for the day.

Bargain Price!

$5.00 + Shipping & Handling


I next offer this lovely Augener's of London edition (#7333) of Album Lyrique, Op. 48 to those especially ardent collectors of everything produced by anyone named Walter Brooks. The lucky purchaser of this sheet music for violin and piano will acquire a wonderful sixteen-page example of Brooksiana. The lightly soiled cover features a price sticker ($3.00), and the edges are somewhat worn, but those "condition issues" should not deter that discriminating and particular accumulator who, I am certain, is salivating as he or she is rushing at this very moment to find his or her checkbook. Unless of course, the item has been sold. Act now to avoid that terrible disappointment and everlasting regret!

Priced at a Mere

$195.00 + Shipping & Handling



This purportedly bona fide relic of the Great Crustaceanoid worshipped by roughly half the Martian race was presented to me by my friend Two Clicks the day he and his Martians cohort zoomed skyward from Sibney Memorial Plaza to return home. Two Clicks claims that this smoothly worn excrescence is a fossilized part of the chitinous exoskeleton of the GC itself.

Because Martians are incapable of lying, there exist two possible construals of his claim. Either the relic is genuine or it is not and Two Clicks believes it is. Two Clicks informed me that this relic was presented to a distant ancestor of his by what we'd consider a highly-placed official of the predominant clan of Mars for services rendered. Again, this information is true or it is not

It is, therefore, difficult to establish the absolute authenticity of this object as a relic of the GC, but it is, at least, an interesting piece of Martian history and culture. Unless, of course, it isn't. I would suggest that the buyer subject this item to rigorous scientific testing, but please note that there is no refund if it turns out to be nothing more than the Martian equivalent of a good luck penny.

Special Sale Price
(includes shipping, handling, & insurance)


Sale Pending!

As a favor to a long-time friend who desperately needs cash for reconstructive dental surgery, I am helping him sell this most desirable property. May I describe it as an excellent business opportunity for the right person, an entreprenuiral handyman. The former Tushville Motor Hotel and Restaurant has, I admit, seen better days. It's been closed for a number of years, the buildings have sustained considerable weather and water damage, and there is evidence of rodent infestation. However, the property is very nicely situated below State Road 365 approximately 2.7 miles north of Tushville and 7.3 miles south of Centerboro on the busy Centerboro Road. Where some non-visionaries might see only dilapidation, deterioration, and decay, I see opportunity. Were I younger, I might assemble a group of investors myself, buy the place, bulldoze the buildings, clear away the weeds and rats, and erect a profitable little convenience store.

Final Price Reduction!

$90,000 + Back Taxes


Astute scholars of the Freddy canon will immediately recognize this mask (depicted somewhat accurately by Kurt Wiese below) from their studies of Freddy Goes Camping.

One early October day when I was a lad, I strolled into the holiday novelities department of the Busy Bee and plunked down my allowance money for this now-vintage Hallowe'en mask. Will you ever find an item with more unassailable provenance? No, I don't believe you will.

I coated it with a non-toxic phosphorescent paint which allowed it to glow a spooky green for up to twelve hours. Boy, oh boy! Did I have some fun with this mask! And, in case you're wondering, no, I never used it in any activity even remotely criminal despite the allegations and insinuations made by Mr. Brooks in Freddy Goes Camping.

I'd say this item would make quite the spiffy addition to your Freddy collection, and it certainly will not last long at this

Extraordinary Sale Price!

$750.00 + Shipping & Handling


Ah, the Golden Age of Centerboro! No soulless malls back then. No clogged, litter-strewn parking lots and garages. No one stumbling along the sidewalk, completely detached from reality, eyes cast down and thumbs flying over a tiny keyboard. No gangs of obnoxious, poorly socialized youth roaming amilessly about. Little wonder, then, that many Mr. Eha's Place readers have requested that I again make some pictures of Centerboro in its golden years available in one of my increasingly infrequent Internet Yard Sales. So, I spent some time rummaging through shoeboxes of postcards and flipping through photograph albums for some particularly choice items.

Here then are three images of downtown Centerboro which should make everyone happy--especially me if they sell. The first is a view from the west down along Main Street in the 1920s. The Centerboro Hotel, frequently mentioned in the Freddy series, is clearly visible. The second is another 1920s view looking east from about the middle of the Main Street business district. From this perspective, the Busy Bee is on the righthand side of the intersection on the other side of the trolley tracks. The third is another downtown view looking west in the 1940s.

Why not take the edge off your nostalgic cravings for better, bygone days! I make these wonderful evocations of Centerboro available for

$79.99 each,
two for $159.98,

or all three for $239.97!


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