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Almost Spring 2010 Gallimaufry Sale Page
Twenty-eight curios and rarities from my attic, basement,
garage, toolshed, & all points under, over, & in between...

All items are sure to be snaffled by discerning collectors, so if you see something you like, may I suggest that you do not hesitate to buy it straight-away! Prices are nonnegotiable, satisfaction is not guaranteed, there are no refunds or returns, and items must be paid for in full by cash, bank check, or postal money order before shipment. For the record, I do not accept foreign currency, PayPal, credit or debit cards, trades, stamps, store coupons, IOUs, or "I'll mow your lawn for a year" type offers. Extra shipping and handling charges apply.
Very boring sermons

In case you missed the eBay auction of a copy of this elderly text, God in Nature and Life, here's your chance to pick another up for a low, low price. The author is not, of course, the Walter R. Brooks, whom you may know as the author of Henry's Dog Henry, Jenny and the King of Smithia, Jimmy Takes Vanishing Lessons, Ernestine Takes Over, New York: An Intimate Guide, and the ho-hum Freddy series. No, it's his grandpapa Dr. Walter R. Brooks who ministered to a Baptist crowd in Hamilton, NY, back when life, to paraphrase, may perhaps have been shorter, but as nasty and brutish as ever, and, as always, in need of moral structure of some sort. Published in 1889, this field guide to the higher realms contains juiceless and wearisome discourses penned by the good parson over a period of twenty-five years or so. It's in no more than fair physical condition and features numerous penciled marginal notations, underlinings, and assorted scribbles throughout, but I suppose for a true fan of WRB and his progenitors, condition issues do not much matter. If you'll settle for a free e-book edition, go here: God in Nature and Life.

As a fillip, I am include the following South Pharisee Public Library discards which also feature "Walter Brooks" as the author absolutely free with your purchase of this item.

WB Drawing Animals WB Painting Barns and Farms WB Drawing Trees

Only $1.00
Too Late! Sold!

About perfect Wiggins for President

As I recall, there was a similar copy of Wiggins for President up for grabs on eBay not too long ago. I was struck by the seller's great optimism in listing it with an opening bid of over $200.00. I don't recollect whether it sold or not, but here's a stellar opportunity for you to acquire what I would consider a desirable specimen of this title at a sensible price.

On the downside, even though it appears to possess a library binding, this book is not an ex-library copy. This defect is more than made up for by its positive attributes. As you can see, the cloth boards are soiled and frayed. The spine is canted by only a couple of degrees or so, but if you scrutinize the book from above, its tilt is definitely noticeable. The grooves are ballooning a tad, and there is no dust jacket. Inside we have missing endpapers, the presence of a book plate with the previous owner's name ("Edgar"), an endearing inscription on the title page ("Happy birthday dear Edgar from Grammy and Grampy"), and loose hinges. All of the pages are a light toasty brown and fairly brittle. A fair number are stained and/or speckled, and nine of them are missing their upper corners where they had been dog-eared. Alas, there seems not to be any mold or insect damage, but there is a pleasantly acrid smell emanating from this old beauty which, I know you'll want to know, is very much like that of burning leaves.

Special Complimentary Bargain Bonus!
(All items from a South Pharisee Public Library discard sale!)

Florida Detective Politician
Camping Cowboy Pilot

A single dollar takes all!
Doggone it! Sold!

Busy Bee Discount Bond front

Busy Bee Discount Bond back

Long, long ago in the days before the average American family wasn't nostril-deep in credit card debt and paddling for all it was worth to stay afloat, we had gimmicks such as this discount bond which encouraged folks from town and countryside to come to the Busy Bee with cash in hand. Broadly speaking, most of us simply didn't buy anything (other than a house or car or combine) unless we had the cash to do so. Consequently, our houses were not heavily mortgaged starter palaces with three-car attached garages. They were serviceable places in which we kept warm and dry, ate, slept, and threw the occasional party. Our cars were neither computerized mobile houses with navigation systems (maps sufficed), nor were they motorized entertainment and communications centers designed to keep children quiet in the back seat (the back of Dad's hand worked well enough) and the driver distracted in the front. Our clothes were not trendy, branded forms of wearable advertising whose cachet expired in a few months. Our watches told us about what time it was, and not how far above sea level we were or what direction we were headed. Our single-purpose telephones required the use of only a single finger. Our food was bought at the corner store, bakery, or butcher's shop, and it did not contain hormones or antibiotics. Our entertainment didn't take place in front of "entertainment/media centers." We found our recreation, for example, in reading, playing board games and cards, listening to the radio, or chatting with the neighbors over the fence. Generally, we were not frenzied about accumulating "stuff," and most of us did our best to live within or slightly below our means. Maybe that's why we call them the "good old days."

I'll bet you think this mint-condition Busy Bee bond is going to set you back considerably. Wrong! And there's even more! Here's another absolutely free bonus. If you're the lucky buyer of the bond, I will throw in the following items we picked up in the People's Republic the last time my old friend Two Clicks and I visited there on Eha Industries business, which is, of course, certainly none of yours. These volumes have been lightly used by Two Clicks who claims to be able to read Mandarin. He has become more proficient in English than the average American college graduate (which isn't saying much, really), and he may very well have picked up more than a smattering of Mandarin during his many visits to Earth over the last fifty-five years.

Mandarin Florida
Mandarin Detective
Mandarin Space Ship

How's 'bout the bond's face value of $5.00?
Dad rat it! Already sold!

The Sailor's Cap

I imagine that a loud gasp is spreading wavelike through the Freddyverse as I present this vintage sailor's cap. Though not a complete piece of junk, It has obvious condition issues, and its wearability depends on your definition of "wearable." However, I doubt that the lucky connoisseur of Beaniana who buys it will give a hang. This cap will probably wind up not on the collector's head, but on the top shelf of the display case where the most prized items of his or her collections are exhibited. This cap was part of a child's sailor suit which once belonged to William Bean, and, according to notes in a Bean photo album, it was worn severally by Frederick, James ("Jinx"), and Madeline ("Minx"). It is referred to a few times in the Freddy series. Take note, though! On page 129 of Freddy and the Dragon, WRB states that the cap sports a black ribbon and the words "H. M. S. Inscrutable." Not true.

I'd ordinarily charge a premium for an item with such corking provenance, but being sensitive to what I imagine the average Freddyite's bank balance to be in these rough economic times, I'll be fair in my asking price, and to sweeten the deal, I'll throw in a couple more Freddies Two Clicks had lying around the saucer. If you wish, I can ask him to inscribe them for you.


Let's say $100.00
Fiddle-dee-dee! Already snapped up!

Yoders Pork Pudding

Well, now! Following the loud gasp, I can almost hear lips smacking throughout Freddydom as well! Personally, the mere anticipation of an ice-cold beer and a generous scoop of Yoders Pork Pudding topped with a gob of HP Brown Sauce for a late afternoon snack got me though many a slow sales day when I was in the real estate business! Mmmmm-mmm! But when's the last time you saw a can of Yoders at the supermarket? Can't remember, myself, and I can't find an expiration date on this can to help me date it, either. That considered and the fact that the can is bulging slightly makes me think that this item should be used for display purposes only. Or perhaps if you can find another, you might use the pair as bookends for your Walter Brooks collection including these gotta-have free bonus books.

Henry's Dog Henry
Jenny and the King of Smithia
Jimmy Takes Vanishing Lessons

Gosh darn it! Sold!

Early 1900s Main Street

A nice example from the "Scenic Oteseraga County" series 1, this rare postcard from the early 1900s is a view down old Main Street. I won't wax rhapsodic again about the delights of living in the Golden Age of Centerboro right now, but I will comment briefly about its history. When Centerboro first came into existence in the early 1800s, it consisted of a few dwellings along a path that had once been an Indian trail. It rapidly turned into a hamlet called Horsefly with more people, cows, goods, and services. From that, it evolved into a thriving village, a good-sized town, and finally a lively smallish city with a number of small industries. Since then it has devolved by dint of a wave of "urban renewal" and stupid "government" into a shabby state of decline. The Centerboro of the Freddy books is based upon the Centerboro of the turn of the last century through the 1950s. It was a pleasant enough place to live if you were gainfully employed and behaved yourself, the occasional visit by the likes of the wretched Frederick Bean notwithstanding.

For you, $89.95
Double darn! Sold!

Howdy Doody Ballot

I happened across this swell, maybe even keen, bit of ephemera while leafing through some books I'm going to donate to the annual Centerboro Library spring book sale. Personally, I think it's a much nicer specimen than the one I offered for free about six years ago. This one has been buried in my last copy of Axon Spardoze's magnum opus Mostly Water, stuck between pages 314 and 315 in the chapter which examines pseudo-polynomial time algorithms, combinatorial optimization and the packing of suitcases, and the neo-Anabaptist main character's flight to the ruins of Calgary in 2349. It's a tough chapter, and I always bog down fatally right about where I placed the ballot as a bookmark.. Anyway, though you probably would not be terribly interested in acquiring Mostly Water, I'd daresay this political collectible will tickle your fancy. Frankly, in keeping with recent findings of Eha Industries' Biocultural Research Division, I'd say Howdy Doody, all strings clearly visible, would make a jimdandy POTUS. Though priceless in many ways, this swell and keen ballot is only

Don't tell me! Sold!

Uncle Ben Therapy Item

A curious object this, but no more curious than its maker, the locally famous lunatic Benjamin Bean. Readers of Mr. Eha's Place will no doubt recognize Benjamin's final home and place of death, the Oteseraga County Custodial Asylum, depicted in this crudely rendered bit of leatherwork. It's a shame that his custodians didn't limit his restorative sessions strictly to the arts and crafts room where he produced this pyrographic objet d'art. Foolishly in retrospect, they allowed Benjamin to conduct chemistry "experiments," no doubt to keep him content and docile. Had they kept his hands and mind occupied with beads, paint, clay, and leather alone, the explosion that rocked Centerboro's north side and sent Benjamin into the rafters of the institute might have been avoided. Anyhow, this scrap of Bean family history, ominously signed "Benjamin Ka-boom" on the reverse, preserved in an album by Martha, and saved by yours truly after the big fire, can be all yours for a trifling

Not again! Sold!

Vintage Radio Flyer

Functional Sharp Boombox

+. Florida Audiobook

BIG Fun!

Inspired by a message posted by a Freddyite at their Yahoo group, I decided to throw together a do-it-yourself package that combines several items, the connection among which may at first seem obscure, but which once explained, makes for a big fun project! Here we go. We start with a vintage Radio Flyer wagon sporting its original wheels and paint. It's very rusty, too, so cleaning it up will take time, patience, lots of steel wool, and elbow grease. Once you've cleaned and oiled the wagon, slather a goodly amount of industrial-strength adhesive (not included) in the bed and plop in the next item, a working Sharp boombox (batteries not included) from the 1980s. Let the glue set up as long as it takes to render the boombox immovable. You're nearly done! Next step: fashion an apparatus that will allow you to pull the wagon along behind you hands-free at a pretty good clip. A rig using old belts, velcro, rope, duct tape, etc. will do nicely. It doesn't have to look pretty; it just has to work. Now it's time to go out and get some exercise and enjoy a rousing Freddy tale at the same time. Just pop in a tape from the ex-lib audiobook version of Freddy Goes to Florida, crank that volume up full blast, cinch the wagon to yourself, and off you go jogging down the street and 'round town. Can you not just imagine the envy you will inspire as your friends and neighbors stare in openmouthed astonishment at your ingenuity! Even so, you might want to contrive a way to make your gear bulletproof.

All three components of this incredible kit have strong Freddyish and/or Centerboro associations which certainly add to its value and price. The Radio Flyer once belonged to Herb Garble's youngest son Eugene who carelessly left it in my backyard for me to trip over, after which it mysteriously disappeared into my toolshed for over a half century now. The boombox belonged to Priscilla Belette who made a gift of it to me when I helped her move to the Oteseraga County Nursing Home a while back. (If you're not already acquainted with Miss Belette, you may find out more about this intriguing Centerboro real-life character here, here, and here.) The audiobook which includes all four tapes speaks for itself, so to speak. I will not split this lot up, and you can have it for a ridiculously low

Pooh! Already sold!

That's all for now! Visit the Mr. Eha's Place Table of Contents for even more fun!

Don't wait! Start your Hallowthanxmas shopping now!

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