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Wow! #34: Even More Old Pictures
(plus a special bonus Hallowthanxmas™ sale item!)

However, this time you're going to have to put on your thinking caps, because this is a Picture Page expert-level quiz! Examine each picture carefully and then make your choice. There is only one correct description for each picture, and answers can be found at the bottom of the page. Just scroll down and turn your monitor upside-down--but not before you've done your best on your own! As for the origin of many of these pictures, let's just say (so as not to give any clues) that I have my sources.


a. By all counts, the most frequently vandalized cemetery plot in all of Oteseraga County--Humphrey Underdunk's final home

b. The controversial monument over the tomb of the Rev. Doctor Melvin Wintersip

c. The Anderson family plot

d. Elihu P. Margarine's eternal resting place


a. My favorite float from the old Harvest Days parades that wound through downtown Centerboro in the '30s and '40s.

b. My first Hallowe'en yard display

c. An autumnal shrine built during the 1930s at one of the annual Guinea Witches conventions in Centerboro

d. The CHS Class of '39 homecoming float which was set afire by students from football rival Tushville High after the big game in the fall of '38


a. Mrs. Bean and Edna Winnick (who holds the Oteseraga Co. record for live births--14) preparing for a church-sponsored chicken barbecue

b. Mrs. Bean and Eleanor McMinnickle plucking chickens down on the Bean farm

c. Gert Filmore and her cousin Mrs. Lafayette Bingle getting ready for a day's cooking at the Lakeside Hotel

d. A "pluck off" between the two top contestants in an annual contest sponsored by the Oteseraga County Poultry Association



a. Carl and Bella Bismuth on a day trip to the lower fringes of the Adirondacks north of Oteseraga Lake

b. A photograph developed from the camera found at the scene of the disappearance of Watson Dickey

c. The only known photograph of C. Jimson Camphor and his sweetheart Isabel Pomeroy

d. Herb Garble and Ella Tingley who had a little fling in their junior year of high school--long after the mucilage incident.


a. Members of the Board of Trustees of the Ladies' Literary Society of Centerboro inexplicably dressed as men

b. A 1921 picture of the Centerboro Board of Education

c. A meeting in the back room of Edgar Tweedle's bookstore of the Oteseraga County Ivy League Club

d. An act at the annual "OCCA Follies" variety show at the Oteseraga County Custodial Asylum




a. A model of an Ignormus created by Doc Winterpool for display in his little museum of natural, medical, and anthropological curiosities

b. Ollie Groper holding a possible culprit in the hepatitis outbreak at the Centerboro Hotel

c. An adolescent Martian just before its transformation to full adult size and configuration

d. Possibly the worst of all the hats designed by my ex-wife Harriet


a. Netty and Zenas Witherspoon showing how he was able to use a spoon after having learned to feed himself again following his first unsuccessful suicide attempt by jumping from his hayloft

b. Bess and Calvin Schermerhorn, the most fun-loving of the Bean neighbors

c. Mary and Amos Lenihan, phlegmatic farming neighbors of the Beans

d. Sarah and her second husband Alfred Reynolds following her divorce from the abusive Zebedee Winch


a. Bannister and Elmira Camphor at C. Jimson's 1956 Hallowe'en party at the Camphor estate on Oteseraga Lake

b. James "Jinx" Bean in Uncle Ben's unpatented Clockwork Robot costume and a heavily made-up Madeline "Minx" Bean joking around for the camera

c. Charles and Henrietta Polo in happier days before, well, you know... (See Whatever Happened To....)

d. Miss Jones (clerk) and Mr. Metacarpus (manager) of the Busy Bee at a costume party Mrs. U threw after she purchased the store


a. Jimmy Wiggs collecting an exhibit for one of his "circuses"

b. Horace Winch (a.k.a. "the dirty-faced boy") with his best friend on his father's place about 10 miles south of the Bean farm

c. One of the Grimby boys with that evening's dinner

d. A young Michael Hargreaves (a.k.a."Bloody Mike" because of his frequent nosebleeds), possessor of the longest rap sheet in the history of Centerboro


a. Hattie Bland, who lived right across the street from Mrs. U, and a neighborhood girl, Genevieve Stamp, who once called Freddy a pig

b. Miss Crispie, at this time nearing retirement from her job as a 5th grade teacher, and one of her little unidentified students

c. Effie Peck, one of Henrietta's aunts, helping Henrietta's daughter Dinah with her Hallowe'en project

d. Granny Dimple Anderson and Cousin Dougal Anderson's daughter Betsy carving a jack-o'-lantern


a. Priscilla Belette and her father Pierre who, despite his obvious disability, taught her how to tap dance

b. Emmett Barclay, a diabetic accountant at the Centerboro First National Bank, modeling the "Petrol-Powered Pegleg" Uncle Ben designed for him

c. Teddy, the black sheep of the Macy family (Why? See 4th picture down here.)

d. Jonas Harrington who once hopped two blocks home with his wooden leg tucked under his arm after falling off a ladder and breaking it

Special Hallowthanxmas™ Sale

And now to end this picture page, I offer an item for sale. This is a pretty decent copy of Vol.7, #4 of Esquire from April 1937 which I brought home by accident from the dentist's office back in the early 1950s and recently rediscovered in my attic.

If you squint hard enough, you will see Walter Brooks listed first under the heading "Satire." Yes, dear friends, it is the very Walter Brooks idolized by Freddyites. By 1937 Mr. Brooks had been writing fiction for the magazine for a number of years, and in this issue you'll find his little piece "Love is Enough." I have read it and can report to you that though it is not as interesting as the old advertisements in this issue, the story is a bit amusing and worth my asking price. Should you be the first to contact me and arrange for payment, it's all yours for

$0.50 + Postage & Handling
Oh, Gosh Darn It! Sold!

(By the way, it's really not all that difficult to locate short works by Mr. Brooks online. You just need to know to conduct an effective search.)

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