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Over the years, I have received many testimonials regarding the power of Mr. Eha's Place to effect nearly miraculous changes in the lives of its readership. Until now, a false modesty has kept me from displaying them, but my therapist believes that publishing some testimonials will be an improving exercise for me, and who am I to argue with a highly-trained medical professional?

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  • G.M. of Canberra, Australia
    Your link to FlyPower® has brought me not only many hours of good, clean fun, but also several first place trophies in local fly-powered airplane competitions! Thanks, mate!
  • M.E. of Truth or Consequences, NM
    Glad to find the site of a like-minded fellow who obviously does not so much suffer from delusions, but who rather enjoys them, to paraphrase a source I do not remember!
  • T.H. of Denver, CO
    Thanks to you, I have a degree from Royal Prune University and have saved in excess of $177,666 in college costs!
  • L.D. from Battle Creek, MI
    I cannot think of a single instance of your website's being harmful to me.
  • E.S. from Galleons Lap, England
    My red, scaly patches have all but vanished since I started following your "1999 Eating Plan."
  • R.K. From Lancaster, PA
    I began worshipping the Great Crustaceanoid right after reading about It on your site. Since then, I have not suffered from any illnesses--other than a single outbreak of shingles!
  • L.H. From Monroeville, AL
    I used the marriage proposal you tendered to Mrs. Underdunk with the woman who had previously turned me down flat eleven times in a row. This time she said, "I'll think about it." Thanks a million, Mr. Eha!
  • F.B. From Detroit, MI
    Several of your Dixon Diner recipes (especially the jellied pig's feet) were such a hit with my husband that he didn't leave me for that hussy next door after all! Sign me "Eternally grateful."
  • C.P. From Mount Holyoke, MA
    I take the mutant Nabisco cracker I won in your jackpot everywhere. I think it is a terrific conversation starter. I varnished it so it would not crumble or so no one would think of eating it. I used to be a "wallflower," but not anymore! I have become attractive to females! I thank you very much!
  • J.C. of Bounding Brook, NY
    Our formerly moribund book group has a whole new energy now that we gather around the computer to read Mr. Eha's Place. You would not believe how lively our discussions get, particularly when reading some of your blog entries. Once there was even a fist fight!
  • G.Y of San Diego, CA
    I forgot what I was going to say exactly, but it was something good.
  • W.S. of London, Ontario
    Winning the Josef Stalin Hallowe'en mask changed my lukewarm, fizzless ginger ale life almost instantly into a series of hot, zippy adventures! You should see the admiring looks I get when I wear it to the theatre.
  • M.C. of Mexico, NY
    I was a trouble-making high school student. My permanent record file was a couple of inches thick. Thanks to you, I started my GED studies and no longer give my permanent records a thought!
  • L.K. of Middletown, NY
    Just knowing that your site exists, has tripled my income, grown back hair on my head, made my shoes stop squeaking and solved the problems I had with theoretical geo-chemistry! Mr. Eha, you're the one!!!!!
  • B.B. of Buffalo, NY
    I am the purchaser of the copy of Mostly Water by Axon Spardoze that you sold some time ago in one of your Internet yard sales. Reading it has transformed my life. I recently took an IQ test and my score improved 11% over what it had been in 8th grade! Had you not made this extremely rare book available, I'd still be classified as "low normal."
  • E.T. of Birmingham, England
    I knew Freddy in high school (CHS) from which I graduated in 1939 before moving with my family to England. I am so glad that you have made public just what an utter pillock he was. Do you know that he used to go out of his way to shove me down stairwells? Thank you for revealing the truth about him.
  • G.K. of Toronto, Canada
    Before I ran across your site and the veins of true wisdom meandering throughout, I was a mere shambling wreck of a human being. I had spent many years attempting to recover from numerous addictions and emotional deficiencies, but I have achieved a bliss-like state of mental clarity and inner strength after having adopted your "Row Your Boat" philosophy. Thank you, Mr. Eha! You are several cuts above Dr. Phil.
  • L.M. of Traverse City, Michigan
    My feet used to smell exactly like stale popcorn. I was too embarrassed to eat in Japanese restaurants. The daily rose water and baking soda soak Mrs. U recommended to me in a personal e-mail (Now that's what I call service!) has changed my life. I now even take my shoes off to flex my toes under the pews in church without fear of giving offense.
  • B.S. of Tushville, New York
    May I say that I quite enjoy the valuable services you make available on your site--the link to the AddAll Book Search, in particular. I used this feature to find not just a signed edition of my favorite Freddy book (Freddy Goes Camping), but also an out-of-print textbook on differential equations which I needed for my collection of undergraduate mathematics textbooks of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • A.C. of Sri Lanka
    Though I am quite sure you are mistaken about the nature and motivations of the Martian species, I nonetheless find your ruminations about them quite amusing.
  • K.F. of Toronto, Ontario
    Your generous sharing of the gist of unpublished Freddy manuscripts and your insightful ratings and commentaries shall not go unrewarded. Should you not predecease me, you will be remembered in my will
  • T.J. of Owsego, New York
    I will never again be bullied by vegans into not proclaiming my passion for fried baloney. It is truly excellent. I also like lard spread on toasted seedless rye bread and suspect Miss Belette does too. Can you give me her phone number? I feel she and I must meet.
  • W.C. of Singapore
    A pretty site for many happy returns from us. Not to be consternation is what we must be agreeing!
  • F.B. of Phoenix, Arizona
    Inspired by your abstinence from unlawful activity since the middle of the last century, I'm confident that I will be able to fulfill all the terms of my parole this time! (BTW, I was convicted of a non-violent "white collar" crime, not that that makes any difference.)
  • L.W. of Portland, OR
    Your warnings about the Martian invaders sure got me off my a**. Me and the wife and our 8 kids now have the best-stocked underground shelter we could afford! The kids didn't need to go to college anyway since there won't be any colleges or anything else left standing, right?
  • W.G. of Akron, OH
    I lost 38 pounds in the three weeks it took me to get through your site! Coincidence? I don't think so!
  • I.D. of Washington, DC
    Before becoming a reader of Mr. Eha's Place and the Freddy the Pig books, I used to spend my time worrying about what kind of SUV Jesus would drive or how many times per day I had sinned on average during my wicked lifetime. I still worry about these things, but now I can occasionally divert my attention from my wretched sinful nature by finding examples of yours on your website. Is this a sin?
  • M.E. of Batavia, NY
    These are the best travel underpants I've ever owned. They keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. I traveled most of the mid-Atlantic states packing only two pair, washing them at the end of the day in hotel and B&B sinks, squeezing them in a towel, and hanging them up overnight to dry. Only once did this method fail, but that was my fault. Highly recommended!
  • C.C. of El Paso, TX
    My sales figures have doubled since I began reading your E-book, Selections from Mr. Eha's Place!
  • P.M. of Belmont, CA
    This is the best clearinghouse for information about Centerboro I have yet to encounter! And I have looked everywhere!




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