I am providing this gallery for those friends and fans of Freddy who have not seen (and probably never will see) a copy of To and Again (1927) with the Adolfo Best-Maugard illustrations. All subsequent books in the Freddy series (published by Knopf) and the re-issue of To and Again as Freddy Goes to Florida were illustrated by Kurt Wiese.

Charles from the front cover and the frontispiece

""Charles hopped sleepily on to a post and began to crow."

A first view of part of the Bean Farm inner circle

"Charles drew glowing pictures of life in a southern land." (14)

Jinx makes an explanation to a robin.

" 'I had no idea that robin was any relation of your wife's,' said Jinx." (22)

The animals depart for Florida.

"And so the animals started out into the wide world." (30)

The animals march through Washington, DC.

"They all walked in time to the music." (56)

Mr. Webb discovers a 20-dollar gold coin.

"Sure enough, the floor was of bright, shining yellow gold." (76)

Jinx and Charles keep the alligators at bay.

"When Jinx was tired, Charles went on with the story." (106)

A historic flight for Charles

"He flapped his wings so hard that feathers flew out of them." (114)

The animals acquire the phaeton and head back home.

"Then they said good-bye to the goat." (122)

The animals disquise themselves.

"Jinx painted circles around Freddy's eyes." (130)

Bean Farm animals on the move!

And finally, the endpapers.
Please excuse the discoloration, but this is a very old book!


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